Vascular Dementia and bouts of anger and episodes of hitting back.

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I am writing about my 90 year old mother, who is definitely showing signs of Vascular Dementia the mood swings, the bouts of anger , tantrums , striking out in a rage; and the delusional thoughts. I live with both my 91 year old mother and father and have recently discovered that she has been hitting my 90 year old father, who is battling Chronic Kidney Disease and at stage 3. She does this while I am at work or in my room or when I am not around.

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Your title mentions "hitting back." Was that a typo, or does someone hit her first and then she hits back?

Do you think it might be time for 24/7 care for your parents, either with in-home care while you work or are away, or in a care center for one or both of them?

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