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my mom was slighted out of her hs diploma years ago by various circumstances. had 2 fingers cut off with a chopping axe, lost PT credit, became pregnant and was marrying, and didnt have clothing fittin for a prom so she gave it up 3 credits short. i wrote the school board last nite and asked about getting her a belated diploma and an admission of oversight. she had extra credits for library work and principals student secretary. got a call this am that they would see what they could do about it. i just had to tell her it was being considered cause she has so little to look forward to day to day. she asked me what prompted the board to look at it and i told her she earned it and id written to the super and told him to send the diploma or id drive up there and knock him right out of his f- in chair. that got the laugh i was hoping for and that is increasingly rare. i got this closure idea from one of ms bursacks articles.


ms bursack is pretty hot and smart too..
You are a Prince, cap'n:) So very thoughtful and generous. You make me laugh and cry. Bless your heart, xo
Aw cap'n - yet again you are an amazing guy and such a caring, loving son...what an AWESOME thing to do!! It brought tears to my eyes. Good Karma....VERY good Karma!! The universe is smiling.:-). (((Hugs)))
the universe blows, im off to the az seminar to check out the *() () * was nice of you to acknowledge ms bursack's contribution too....
think you got a little somethin' on your nose there.....?
its sweat but we guys like to think of it as nectar..'s funny cuz it's gross.
Enjoy the seminar - hope you're able to glean some valuable information. If not, you still got the *()()*!
damn yaya, your little figurine has cleavage. wonder if ive been doing other things wrong too?
Nah....push up bra.
That's the sweetest thing I've heard in a long, long, time. Your mom is very lucky to have you. You are a good son and a good guy. Now go get you some of those (*) (*)!

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