UTI's can mimic dementia.

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UTI's in the Elderly can be left untreated for the very simple reason that in the elderly they do not feel the normal symptoms that UTIs usually bring when it starts. A bad UTI can cause delirium, confusion, hallucinations
And if left untreated can cause sepsis which is deadly

I was surprised to see that no one here talked about the use of D-Manoose.
I have given that at the first sign of a UTI and have avoided the use of antibiotics many times in both myself and my aging parents

In layman's terms, It is basically the sugar that is in cranberries. The bacteria or what we think of as "bugs" line the inside of the bladder but will jump off and have a heyday from this simple sugar that they love. Because they they are now floating in the urine they are flushed out very easily


My mom has had frequent UTI's, in fact has twice become septic and hospitalized. Now when ever things are off doc orders a urine specimen. Cranberry also comes in capsules and that is supposed to help but then it is one more pill! so the juice is best if you can.

With a partial hip replacement (3 X's) at greater risk of problem septic infections - often requiring months of antibiotics IV which means nursing home care as medicare will not cover at home IV antibiotics.

I understand there are test strips you can buy that flag urine for possible infection...HAS ANYONE USED THESE?
Ali, I used cranberry juice and supplements. We have stopped that now as the doc told us it can cause a problem with frequent trips to the bathroom. My mom would be in the bathroom three times in five or ten minutes. It was driving me nutty! The doc put her on quite the cocktail of drugs because she had recurrent UTI's, seven in nine months. Now she hasn't had one in about a year, but I think she does now, need to get her checked out. I just purchased home test kit. Haven't used it yet.
Will look into this D-Manoose, sounds intriguing.

Home test kit? That sounds great gladimhere. Can you tell us how it worked for you? I've thought something like that would be terrific.

MIL has a UTI now, diagnosed at Dr. appt. last Thursday. She took ONE antibiotic that night and said it upset her tummy. Has refused them since.

Dr. suggested Cranberry juice, nope, she doesn't like it. Suggested Probiotics, nope, doesn't like yogurt and won't take another pill. We are stuck.
Calico you can buy probiotics in capsule form and sprinkle in a drink or on her food.
Thank gladimhere, I'll keep that in mind. For now, she lives on her own and "cooks" her own food (mostly prepackaged junk food) so that isn't an option - but it might be down the road. Thanks!!

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