UTI infections can drive you crazy.

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I had no idea what an UTI infection can do to the elderly. They can see things that aren't there, make them think crazy thoughts and even change the personality. My mom was doing all kinds of crazy things, getting dressed all by herself in the middle of the night, walking around the house at night and wanting to eat at 3:00 am. I finally noticed that her urine smelled terrible and took her to the doctor asking them to check for UTI. They did and sure enough had to put her on antibiotics. Now her actions are back to normal and I can finally get to sleep at night. PLEASE, if your parent is acting strange, more strange than usual, take them in to check for UTI. UTIs in the elderly are often mistaken as the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, according to NIH, because symptoms include:
Confusion, or delirium-like state
Other behavioral changes
Poor motor skills or dizziness
Sometimes, these are the only symptoms of a UTI that show up in the elderly—no pain, no fever, no other typical symptoms of a UTI.


My mom is experiencing shooting pains in her lower back. She said she bumped in a door. But the story she has given me doesn't make much sence. Nh dr orderd xrayand shows no evidence of fractures . I am wondering now if it's a bladder infection. Any suggestions. ?
Wow. I didn't know that. My Mom has chronic UTIs because she's incontinent. She will act crazy sometimes. I didn't realize that that could be the cause.
UTI's AND constipation can cause crazy behaviors. They are the two main problems in NHs. I went to visit mom on Friday and she was NOT a happy camper..she kept saying she needed to go poop. NH staff said they had just taken her and she had made a mess trying to pick poop out of her butt again..they had to give her a shower which really set her off. I was there to color her hair and as I did, watched her behaviors. It only took 20 min for me ..I went to the head nurse with mom's "constipation" problem" saying I think she is IMPACTED. Nurse said that they could not "dig it out" as we did in the old days when I was a CNA. So, off to ER we go. SIX hours later..after Xray showed blockage and ER doc DIGGING to see if he could get at least part of it out to get a suppository IN...she still hadn't got it out. FINALLY, when I went to grab a bite to eat downstairs, she had pooped the blockage out. I saw it as they saved it for me in the toilet. It was SOFTBALL size and dr. said he doesn't know how in the world she passed it. She was laughing and felt SO good after that!!! The suppositories helped get that out. But, she is still FULL of poo. I"m going back to NH today to check on her. It's sad that NH get paid almost 5K a month for her and couldn't even help. UGH!!
Is there anyway you can prevent this from happening? My mom had it several times now. I heard that cranberry juice is good for it. But she hates the taste of it.
I found that what causes many of mom's UTIs is that she wipes backward....when she poops and pottys, she wipes from BACK to FRONT. I've tried and tried to no avail to get her to wipe from front to back for years...doesn't work. And the NH won't help her with toileting. So, I just wait for the next one and take her back to dr.
Sad, huh?
My 92 year old grandmother keeps having these. Every other month the doctor has her on an antibiotic. She's crazy enough during the good months, but we know when one is coming on, she does really strange things. I just wish the doc could figure out why they keep coming back so often. She is in 4th stage renal failure and I wonder if that may have something to do with it. Anyway, good info to put out there, most people have no clue.
Equinox: I'm not elderly, but I once had a UTI that caused back pain. I thought I had hurt myself and ended up in the hospital for 10 days. The same thing happened to my daughter. So if in doubt I would have a urinalysis done. I almost didn't live through it, and if I had been elderly . . .
If we ALL would send letters to the government about this, and NOT STOP sending them until the..... POOR, INHUMANE care that is given by these facilities is stopped!!!! This should be addressed throught out this country! If we cannot get the same treatment for our family members as those who HAVE the means or those who are public figures, something is definetly WRONG!!! There is a saying "There's strength in numbers", well let our numbers start speaking,,, It might just help bring some badly needed CHANGE in this area! Get the news crews involved, they like these kind of stories..! I can't be the only one out there who has had this idea?!
my mom wipes back to front and that is where i think she gets the uti. now she wipes her front and i use baby wipes, have her stand up over the toilet and i wipe her rear. i know this is not a great subject, but needs to be out there so others are aware. uti's are terrible in elderly
My 93 year old mother also suffers with chronic UTI's. The not so fun part is that she also has mild dementia which seems to be worsening since July. It is now difficult to tell if her behavior change is due to yet another UTI or as the urologist said, "the waxing and waning of her dementia". Her family has been scratching our heads as to WHY she has had so many, to no avail. Sh still lives at home alone, so we don't know what goes on. We suspect it is poor hygiene and not drinking nearly enough fluids. With her dementia, she believes she bathes every day and drinks a gallon of juice and water. She does neither when we are there for a week long visit. None of her family live nearby, so this is a tough thing. We hope and pray we can convince her to move into the ALC when her name comes up on the waiting list. Hopefully they will be able to see to it she bathes and drinks more fluids. UTI's in the elderly is a common problem I've learned. Good luck to all of you.

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