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hospital gave her a haldol shot saturday night. she done well till monday morning , refused to eat her morning meds cause i was trying to poison her. hospice nurse came out and gave her a 30 day, slow acting haldol shot. mom told her and the social worker guy that they had to get her out of here cause i was trying to kill her. they asked her if she wanted me to leave. she said no just get him to the va cause hes crazier than i am..
i dont know about everyone else but if someone were trying to kill me i probably wouldnt be leading him thru the house by his beard like an errant goat.
gettin crazy out here. took her pills tonight, of course miscounted them , tasted them all to check for poison. then she called sis and asked her why the pills were 3 short. i dont know what sister told her but mom told me that george ( ? ) was going to look for them and if he didnt find them she had 10 to 15 minutes to live. i took her to town for a slushy to distract her from the impending sudden death and things are a little better now - but the night is young.
" beam me up snotty "


CapnHA, it still amazes me that half us are not in the pen for attempted murder.... just from the accusations.... hand tough man, and "snotty' is NOT going to beam you up and leave the rest of us here...... no rest for the wicked....hugs
*hang tough" or hand tough , guess it depends on your mood..... lol
i AM crazier than she is by a long shot but she really damaged her credibility by not wanting me to leave despite the " fact " that i was trying to kill her. as crazy statements go, that one is a head spinner..
Capn, I know what you mean about the parent accusing us of trying to kill them. Father is in that stage too. It seems you are handling it much better than I am. He hasn't reached the stage yet where he will refuse anything I give him. But I have noticed that he would rather have oldest sis give him his pills, his nutrient, etc.. Not me. =) I just realized that maybe because he thinks I'm trying to kill him, he won't ask me to bring those stuff to him. Hmm...so that's why he keeps calling sis!
But cap'n, you know you are crazy. Even she knows you're crazy. I, on the other hand, find you perfectly normal. I'm sure the staff you are dealing with has made an assessment of who is crazy and who is not. Hand to hand combat tough:) xo
mom says im not her son sometimes. its all textbook stuff for later stage dementia. persecutory delusions, caregiver tryin to kill them and family members are imposters. she told us in the hospital that if the cops ever get on to me ill do 100 years in jail. i stuck my arms out to be cuffed.
humor helps. when she was hospitalized last august she was babbling on about when to pull her plug. i grabbed a plug on a bedside diagnostic machine and told her " ill pull your plug right effin now " . lol
OMG...my dad was sure we were going to harm him...he would not let us in house or help him. he called police on us. they had no choice to ask us to leave since he did not want us there... I just didn't realize it could have been dimetia.. I thought a bipolar episode phsycotic break, my guess is all of the above....nevertheless...

I never had any idea other people had this happen too..parents not recognizing them calling them buglars! idk... I ramble this is a good place but seems like when I see something new I can totally identify with...causing emotional shitstorm here, hahhha! and I just start typing!! Sorry!
Captn (N Book)....I don't know how you do it...I could not! If dad hadn't died back then when that crap went on I would not have been able to care for his irrational behavior....

I admire your strength and humor!! It has got to be such a hard situation!!

At some point I guess we all just have to learn to laff or this is gonna kill us!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom!!!
God bless you capt, you sure have your hands full. I hope you have a calm, easy night. Good Luck!
i learned this weekend by doing some reading that dementia patients seldom use nouns.
it was tough watching mom lying in bed crying cause she only had 10 minutes to live. fortunately the bipolar shifted and she was getting a jacket and shoes to go get a slushy with the next breath. ive had a lifelong fascination with mental illness and was privileged to visit the other side on two different hepc tx's. the last one found me in the va phsyc ward, yup, lying on the floor. a tile or concrete floor will pull the fever from your body in a matter of a half an hour..

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