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She got released from hospital after being there 6 days with bronchitis and anemia. Her hematocrit was 5.9 when admitted and after 3 units of blood it got to 8.9. I took her back yesterday and it fell again to 8.2. They have her on iron pills now and they will have home health draw her blood again in a month and check it then. She was on oxygen at home and her sats were 93 on room air so the doctor said when she is resting and in bed for the night to wear it, but she didn't need it 24/7. Her tremors are more frequent and more intense now and she even had an episode in the hospital that lasted 5 hours!! They put her on Zanaflex and it worked. She is now taking it at home and it helps, but it knocks her out and so she spent most of the weekend sleeping and resting. She told me she would rather sleep than tremor, and I totally get that. She has had Parkinson's for almost 22 years and is wheelchair bound.

Her short term memory is failing but her long term seems good. She didn't remember going to see her neurologist at the end of January. She wants a pill or shot that will cure her but there is no such thing. I have a feeling this is the slow ride to China, and that she is starting to give up. Daddy has been gone for almost 6 months, and they were together for almost 53 years.

They wanted to do some tests while she was in the hospital to check for a GI bleed but she wasn't medically stable enough, plus we wouldn't do any surgery and/or treatment if they found anything, like cancer. Mom doesn't want any of that and I don't blame her.

Everyone take care.


In your shoes, I would be calling hospice to have her evaluated.
Home Health comes out now. What could hospice do that they don't?
Well, I guess the reason I mentioned hospice is because you say that you're not doing any further diagnostics tests or treatments. I would do exactly that. If you call Hospice for an evaluation, you avoid further transports to the ER and various folks trying to preserve her life or cover their behinds to avoid blame for not doing so. Hospice brings comfort care for the whole family, done correctly. Just a thought.
Let Hospice come out and do an evaluation. They will speak to her privately to determine what she wants. I watched my daughter's red count fall and there are two choices for you. You either rush to the ER twice a week for more transfusions, until she bleeds out catastrophically, or you call in Hospice, make her comfortable and let her go peacefully. Sorry, but that's the truth.
Should you opt to go it alone, she may die coughing up blood and a detective will be wanting to know why. Stock up on peroxide, it works well on removing puddles of blood from carpet. Honest.
Babalou and Pamstegma, I didn't think about Hospice in that regard. We had Hospice come out with Daddy when he was dying of cancer. Mom does have an advanced directive but it is so vague we are getting one that is more specific. Thanks for the advice.

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