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Just spoke to Boni, she is doing okay, still very tired from her heart attack, followed by a fun filled week with her grand kids! Bless her heart :) She's been suffering a bout of depression to top all the other fun stuff off. Her mother is still in a care home but doing good under the condition she get's to come home as soon as Boni get's her strength back. Thankfully her family is all working together to make sure everyone is getting the best care, including Boni's care. Awesomeness!!

I don't know about anyone else but I was worried. I knew she'd had a massive heart attack and I know the percentage rate of caregiver's leaving before their loved one. I personally have given my part time carer info about this website so in case anything happens to me, well.... in case you missed me you'd know what happened. Boni is doing the same with her brother. Just sayin cuz you never know.


Good to hear. I guess I better not send the butter cookies....
Glad she is coming along! And her family is helping her out.
Glad to hear she's doing OK, thanks for updating us!
JeanetteB, thank you for checking up on Boni as I hadn't seen any postings from her in a couple of months.

My gosh, a heart attack is surely a loud wake up call that caregiving can be really stressful. I know my primary physician told me that she is very worried about me because she can see how stressed out I am, and how much I have aged in this past year.... and here my parents aren't under my roof nor am I under their roof. If there was a roof involved, I'd probably be one of those 33%.

I know it is hard to say *no* to our parent(s), but sometimes we need to do it. I dropped my driving by 90% and oh what a relief it is :)
aint a doubt in my mind that caregiving could kill you . its hard to see your own future when your'e wageless and so vulnerable . caregiving at nh is only slightly easier , still a lot of responsibility , then rheams of duma** documents to complicate things .
good health to you and mom boni .

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