Update in Papa’s care; he keeps thinking he can beat Parkinson's.

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My profile shows that Papa is at home, with Parkinson’s. He was, but the last fall did some damage so he went to ER, hospital, Rehab, the Extended Care. Well, darn if he didn’t talk his doctor into giving him one more chance at home. So he comes home this week. He keeps thinking he can beat Parkinson’s. He is 90 and will be living alone - the only option he will consider. He will have some help a few hours every morning for awhile. We’ll just have to see how it goes. For anyone following my story, yes I’m typing from Ohio tonight. Made it here for my Mother’s funeral on Tuesday. Then back to Florida Wednesday and Papa comes home Thursday. Crazy making times.


Yikes, sorry, Becky. Crazy making times indeed! Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mother.
Becky, I'm so glad you made it to Ohio okay!

You doctor's must be some kinda fool! Hope this turns out as well as can be expected.
Oh, Becky, I'm so sorry for your loss.
So sorry for your loss BeckyT.

What kind of doctor does he have? Are you the HCPOA? I'm pretty sure that I might tell doctor that he is out of his mind and ask if he's ever treated someone like this under these conditions. I'm not kidding. I'd be pretty blunt and might even ask for his after hours number, so I could call it him personally for the next emergency. Take care and I hope things go smoothly.

Has your father been diagnosed with cognitive decline?  I mean, magical thinking/poor judgment can be a sign of cognitive decline.  Does doctor know this?
I am so sorry that all this is happening at once.
Thanks for all of your concern. Papa has very little cognitive decline. Still pretty sharp, alert & oriented. He’s home today, happy to see his house. Fingers crossed, we’ll see how it goes. He gets an assessment tomorrow for a 4 hour daily home health aide, which (I think) he will need to be able to get out of bed. It should be an interesting next few days, to say the least.

Ohio was cold. Funeral was so sad, but Mom looked beautiful. I will certainly miss our gab sessions late at night.

I’m going to collapse this weekend, hopefully. 🙃
Papa’s balance is amazingly stable, no falls in 9 months - I have no idea how! New question though, his speech is getting really bad and it’s driving him crazy. He stutters and can’t get his words out, what is the natural progression of this? What happens next? Does he stop talking altogether? His voice is still pretty strong, so it’s not a matter of weakness, just the stutter and stammer thing getting worse. Anyone here been through it?
Dad never lost his ability to communicate, though his voice was very, very low, and he had trouble forming thoughts into words.
Thanks talkey.

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