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Okay - minds out of the gutter! This coming Saturday the Powerball jackpot will be well over $500 million - perhaps the biggest jackpot in history! Depending on state taxes a single winner could net $250 million and more. For fun - name three things you would do with the money. No saying "charity" as that's a given knowing all the wonderfully giving people who visit this site.
I know the odds are one in a bazillions but the fact is - someone DOES win!


Addition to the rules! No "giving to family" - again, a given
I would buy a fabulous house in the Colony section of Malibu - on the beach and staff it with a full time cook and house keeper, and spend my days laying in the sun ogling celebrities. I'd buy the most luxurious sheets on the planet and have my sheets changed daily - I'm a freak for "clean sheet night". And I would have a plastic surgery bonanza - face lift, boobs, tummy tuck - the whole bit. And I would use Jane Fonda's surgeon - she looks amazing without looking fake, doesn't she?
I would use Bruce Jenner's surgeon...if he can make a man look that good, he could make all of us old tired ladies look FABULOUS...bahaha
Hmmm. First, I would buy a home somewhere warm to fly to in the winter, I guess I would have to travel a bit to find the right spot. No mansion to keep up, just a nice place with plenty of room for guests. If my friends wanted to visit of course there would be plenty to pay their airfare.No wait, I'd be like Oprah and have several homes in all my favorite places. Of course I would make sure they are all totally accessible and senior friendly.

I'd have a different pair of glasses for every mood and day of the week.

I'd have my own chef and personal trainer.

I'd get rid of my car and hire drivers to take me everywhere I want to go.

To entertain myself I would flip houses. I wouldn't turn them into McMansions, I would find nice affordable homes and make them fully accessible and environmentally friendly, to hopefully benefit the community as well as make money.

Oh, and when I get too old I will move into a suite at a luxury hotel and hire extra staff to cater to my every need. LOL
I will purchase a home closer to the beach. I will staff it with several organic chefs, housekeepers and assistants. I will rescue dogs and birds that need homes. I will purchase a solid new car, maybe a Tesla. I will hire a personal trainer to be on call 24-7 and will follow me around and slap bad food out of my hand. I will give generously to the MSPCA. I will spend my time at the beach, working out, or doing charity work at the MSPCA. I will find a reputable food bank and donate cat and dog items. I will gift my current house to my best friend. I will do some traveling (I'm not much of a traveler but always wanted to see Iceland and the Galapagos Islands). I will rest a lot, meditate a lot. I have never been one for clothes or shoes but I will buy some expensive staples, like a pair of loubouton black heels and a prada suit. I will get regular facials and massages (something I would NEVER spend money on now). I will invest in smart technologies (solar power perhaps? maybe a Gerson clinic?) and friend's dream businesses. I know you said no giving to family etc but I would definitely make sure that my family and friends who have been loyal forever are well taken care of.

Such a fun topic ;) It's good to day dream a little.

I would remodel and refurnish my old farmhouse. All the second hand "make-do" furniture would go, the wood floors and all the trim in the house refinished, that 1970's paneling gone and replaster the walls, new kitchen, and on and on ;) And then refurbish DH's big (very big) old barn - a lift for cars and/or a pit to walk down into for oil changes, new storage, good lighting, concrete floors, and whatever he wants.

And then, sell all our autos and buy each of us a nice, newer, dependable car we like, nothing extravagant or flashy, just nice and dependable.

After that, travel - Germany & Austria first and who knows after that, just where ever we want to explore -- but not too much travel, I want to come home to my remodeled house too ;)
Calicokat - Mercedes are dependable. A nice understated sedan model? You could hand pick one from the factory then have it shipped home - waiting for you at the airport to drive home.
...picked out at the factory in Germany while on your visit. Just wanted to be specific to help out with planning ;)
Since it's still up for grabs:

1. I'd restore our home to its 1930's glory and spare not a penny. I'd make our home so efficient that it would make the cover of Architectural Digest. I'd hire the best landscape designer and have the most interesting and exquisite gardens money can buy and Martha Stewart would beg to film a show there. I'd buy up the McMansions that are popping up around us, tear them down and turn them into community gardens.

2. I'd join a luxury transportation service so whenever I needed a plane, helicopter, train, or automobile to get anywhere all my butler would have to do is make a phone call. My butler would come from that famous butler school in London. I'd travel to the most exotic places and my pets would come with me. I'd eat the food of the best chefs around the world..

3. I'd hire a personal tailor to make clothes especially for me. Clothes that fit perfectly, in luxurious fabrics I found while traveling the world. My white shirts would always be crisp. Even my undergarments would be made from 5000-thread count pure cotton or silk.
It's now 800 million and growing!

Here is my list:

1. Pay my bills and those of close family members, so we can live comfortably and not worry about money ever again.

2. Build the best, state of the art Memory Care facility in my hometown. I would hire and train the best staff, promoting those that work at my cousin's Memory Care unit and pampering the existing residents and staff with lots of nice things.

3. I would build a new plant in my hometown, maybe more, so as to help promote growth in the economy and give people in the community new jobs and a way to support their families. I would love to pay it forward.

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