I do understand why some elderly person become hoarders.

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1) they are to tired for straight out 2) they do want to keeps practically everything... 3) They are thinking of someday someone needs those item....

Why I'm writing this, because my very nice neighbors are very bad hoarders... One of lady who sees me wants have a cup of coffee with her, OMG! inside her house I can't go find any chair to sit.... I do nicely offered for organised the ton of papers and boxes and more boxes... Another lady whom she ask me to help clean her house so I'm glad to do it for 2hrs a week. OMG again! She is keeping everything from fast food's nasty containers, many times used paper plates, ton of used fabric softener go on and on.... also she needs those container for gift to relatives or her friend... Please not to me
We are living very nice mobile-home park, both those ladies lives by themselves. I asked my live in boyfriend( 81), what he said" Humor them"????

My concerns are how to approach them for clean up fire hazard and everyone would live safely!!


If you believe their health and safety is at risk, call 911 and report them. The officers will knock on the door and try to do an evaluation. They may call Adult Protective Services.

You are in no position to change them, in my opinion. Hoarding is a deep-seated psychological problem. It is very difficult even for professionals to successfully address.

If they just need help, I think law enforcement will make that determination and possibly move forward.
MM, I have never thought about calling Police or APS on them.... because both ladies are very active senior whom 82 and 87. You are right on this type of problems and I couldn't change the their life style... I have never seeing their family members were visiting them in 7 years... I might call manager's office then go from there.
From everything I have read and seen on documentaries, hoarding is a mental issue. It's very resistant to change and most sufferers even resist when family members put pressure on them. They even refuse to let trash be thrown out when they are facing eviction or their house being condemned by the city. It's very complex.

You are so nice to be concerned and want to help. Since they don't think they are charity, I might tell them that I needed to make some money and could I clean their house for $5.00. They may think they are helping you out and agree and you could take out some trash.
Sunny,The container lady is paying me $15 an hour that I don't care about, she just wants chat with me and get fast food take out(avoid container)!! Lol ... I really worry about another papers and boxes lady, I might try that $5 strategy.....If it doesn't work out, I would go see Management.
It's worth a try. Maybe, they will surprise you.
Gosh if they save "everything " it is probably a combination of environmental conditioning (...reuse...), lack of recycling (...do not recycle Styrofoam....) mixed with inability to walk it out to the neighborhood recycle station, and a dash of old-age forgetfulness. Put it all together, all forces make it impossible to simply throw those used (but useful....) items in the trash where they belong. These older ladies, and you, have my sympathies. Some day I might be that old lady (but with a million dolls or.magazines, or who knows what. ..).

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