Uncommunicative family members.

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there are family members who are silent in response to the needs of their elder
as if they are divided over the solution for their elder
perhaps many care plans are in the works for thier elder
need a way to get answers that are more preventive in formulating care plans


You are trying to set up a care plan for an elderly client, and the family won't provide you basic information ... is that the situation?

Is this missing information critical? Can you get by the best you can until the family comes to some decisions? If you work through an agency perhaps they can communicate with the family. (I can't remember if you are independent.)

Who hired you? Can you work with just that person, and sit down with a list of questions, explaining why you need to know these things?
a starting point is a list
next will be to arrange a meeting
if they sit and talk with me then i proceed

i am looking for an agency to assist with future patients

g-d i pray my own mother in va is well cared for by her mom-
she is so stubborn she wont allow me to care for her
this reminds me of how she is planning to care for herself as she ages

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