Double locks on doors but uncle still thinks someone taking his stuff, but I live here and there's no way

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We have a ghost stealing stuff, uncle making us take a lie detector test


Does you uncle have dementia, penny? Often people with dementia are paranoid and feel people are stealing from them. If he is missing something, chances are that he hid it from himself. So if he says he is missing his wallet, you can say that you'll help him look for it. If no one has come in and out, it will be there somewhere. It is tougher when they accuse people of stealing something such as money from an account. Someone with dementia may not understand a bank statement from one day to the next, so you may have to repeat it to them often.

I know how it is to be accused of stealing or spending my mother's money. Totally unpleasant. I would not have a lie detector test. It would be more disrespectful than I could tolerate.
My mother-in-law who has dementia went thru this when she first moved into asst. living. She started hiding stuff because she was just SURE the girls there were stealing from her. Problem was, she would forget where she put stuff, therefore the only logical conclusion in her mind was that they were stealing. The first 6 mos was spent with me going on a treasure hunt to find the things she had hidden. She hid everything from her TV remotes to her bananas.
well its on me and my boyfriend . my uncle has the best locks money can buy. i need him to go see a doctor. hes 80 years old
pennypascual7 When my Mom was clearly in this stage she was telling the entire town my sister and I were stealing her underwear. I found out at a later time when I was cleaning up her house from a hoarding issue, she had enough underwear for the entire town in the house. That's because she was buying and hiding them and the neighbors all got her some too.
I do put my uncle before myself. Hes my only Uncle left.I need to get him to a doctor as so as possible. hes keeps on saying he fine.Cant sleep
O bought my mom a small safe to keep her stuff in ($75). It worked for a while. She left it open and now thinks some body else did, but it saved me a few months of stress. :-)

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