Two sweet old ladies having a "Word Salad" conversation

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Just thought I would share this. I do hospice volunteer work at a nearby nursing home. I was there the other day to visit two of my patients. I came across one of my "Girlfriends" , as my wife refers to them, in her wheelchair talking to another lady in a wheel chair. Both have advanced dementia but they were chatting away in word salad. It went something like this:

First Lady
Well if they do that again my painting is really bad, that young girl better watch herself.........

Second Lady
I like the Swiss steak better, my husband won't eat the strip, so......the cat ran off my girl liked to never got her and oh boy, this weather, I just don't know......

And this went on and on. They were having a ball, sort of like two little girls playing tea party. They were clearly reliving some of their past selves, having important conversation and being social.

I sat with them for awhile and tried to enter the conversation a couple times only to get annoyed looks from them. This was clearly a private conversation. So I went down the hall and visited another lady for awhile.

When I came back through later, they were both sound asleep with their wheelchairs almost touching. Socializing does wear one out.....


RIWL (roll in wheelchair laughing)
Windy ridge!! What a beautiful story. Be sure to tuck in your angel wings when you sit down. I'd hate them to get wrinkled.
This is cute, touching and emotional. It's interesting that they found their own mode of communication which only they understand - the mind has ways of coping that we'll probably never understand.
Love it!! Thank you for sharing this lovely episode between those two ladies!!
Windy, any chance those sweet dear women having hearing issues? I hear conversations like that between my Dad and Mom as she misunderstands what Dad is saying because of her hearing [still sharp as a tack].... it can be comical at time.
So sweet. Thx for sharing!
I think their hearing is about average for that age. They seem to understand me a bit if I speak very loud and gesture a lot. One of my ladies will only put up with me for a few minutes, then she'll say in an exasperated tone, "Well Then. That's about it!". So I move on down the road.

I ask one of the staff if she had placed the two together. She said no, they will wiggle their wheel chairs around so they can "Chat". I don't think they understand a thing that either says but they truly enjoy going through the motions of socializing.

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