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I've been a huge fan of the "Young & the Restless" since my late mother-in-law had introduced me to the show back in the 1970's. The show sure helped us bond :)

The show now has a story line dealing with a mother who has Alzehimer's and the family trying to get on the same page regarding the parent's care. Then they find out an old friend of their mother's is her Power of Attorney and he's removing her from the family.


Thanks for the heads up. I no longer watch this show, but, let's hope that the storyline is realistic and actually offers helpful information.
They almost never are, the storylines. There's always some sentimental breakthrough moment when the sufferer reconnects with his nearest and dearest, caressing a photograph or bonding with a new great-grandchild or some such poignant improbability.

And take this series' chosen line! - what are the odds? If they wanted to set up a right buggers' muddle of a situation for the kids to squabble over until somebody loses an eye but then everybody learns something, they could just have gone for the likeliest scenario of all - that mother hasn't got a POA in place. But oooooohhhh no. There's got to be a sinister control freak in the picture or there might not be enough drama to stop us getting bored. HA!!! They want drama, they should spend five minutes on AC.

To be fair, The Archers (which you won't have heard of, and be grateful) did do a fair job of Jack Woolley developing dementia and his elderly wife Peggy struggling and then failing to cope, until they slapped him in the old folks' home where he was happy with just a bird table and a nice Polish girl to keep him company while Peggy met up with her old flame and went off to Canada to meet his family, or something (though she came home again, they both realised it wouldn't work and she couldn't abandon Jack, not to worry).

But The Archers was set up just after WW2 to educate the hopeless British public about where their food came from through "an everyday tale of country folk"; and to say that it is issue-led is a bit like saying that Fo - I'm self-censoring right there. It is quite issue-led, let's leave it at that.

If you're thinking of looking The Archers up, don't. It's like smoking - you'll be sorry you started.
CM is the Archers still going? Dan and Doris must be long since gone.
Do you remember Dick Barton Special Agent and Mrs Dale's Diary. I was glued to the radio for those.
The first ward I was assigned to was a teenage boys ward. We had a male charge nurse which was in the days male nurses were as rare as hens teeth and he would secret himself in his office at 6.45 every evening.
You have a point. I think that shows have a tendency to take on a story, but, then not do due diligence to get it right. Like, a character who has, that's a huge amount of material to cover. And it's not easy to fit it into a tv show. Often, it's not portrayed very accurately. Missed opportunity really.

I think that the way they are portraying dementia on Call The Midwife is not very good. They have a senior Sister (nun) who is so cognitively declined that she disappears one day, looking for her old homeplace and narrowly escapes death. She is obviously progressed in her dementia and known to all, but, they still allow her to run errands alone and to go out alone at night! They treat her character as quaint and inspiring, and not like a medical condition. I find it frustrating.
I think the Archers will survive the nuclear holocaust - the cockroaches will keep it running. Not only Dan but Phil is now pushing up the daisies, though Jill is still with us and lecturing us about bee health and food waste. Jennifer (married to arch-capitalist and subsidy-grabber Brian) and Tony (married to stroppy Welsh feminist organic farmer Pat) are also prospering; and Lilian - who you may remember married Ralph Bellamy, the rich Jersey-based businessman, who left her very comfortably off indeed thank you - has just got engaged at the age of 70 to another tycoon whom she stole from his stuck-up ice queen wife, but the marriage nearly fell through because of her previous affair with the Evil Matt Crawford who reappeared and conned Christine out of her life savings and tried to make Lilian go with him back to Ecuador or Costa Rica or somewhere, so that Justin nearly left her but then couldn't live without her, but in the end they decided they loved each other too much to get married but were just going to live happily ever after and have a massive party. Which was lucky because otherwise they'd have to fight for custody of Ruby, the cocker spaniel puppy, which the manipulative Matt had given Lilian as a birthday present purely to cause trouble. And somebody ran Matt over quite badly on the night of the Annual Hunt Ball but the police seem to have lost interest in which of the many, many well-motivated suspects it might have been.

Meanwhile Nolotando, Jennifer's half-South African granddaughter, is teaming up with Freddy Pargeter, whose dad fell from the roof of Lower Loxley in the infamous New Year disaster five or six years ago -

Aaaarrrgggghhhh - !
Sunny, I'm never sure if the root of the problem is some callow youth scriptwriter who wouldn't know dementia if it walked up and kicked him on the shin, or a production team that says "reality? Who wants reality! Give us the STORY!!!" and forces the poor little writer, silently weeping for his lost credibility, to make everyone start pointlessly lying to the police or miraculously surviving a heart attack in a car that's plunged fifty feet down into icy water thanks to a passing survivalist who's nice really but embittered by a messy divorce and untreated PTSD.

Call the Midwife, though I have to confess to groaning and switching channel whenever it comes on, doesn't as far as I know even pretend to any sort of authenticity.

Alan Bennett, who wrote 'The Lady in the Van' and 'The History Boys' among many others (I think he might have done 'The Madness of King George'?) also wrote very truthfully about his mother's death from Alzheimer's. But that is a hard read, even when you have some experience to go on, and you can see why no one is going to call it entertainment.
The "Young & the Restless" have teamed up with the Alzheimer's Association, so I am hoping this story plot will last for a while. In the past, the show would be dealing with what is current in the real work but the story line was over in a few weeks.

I stopped watching the Y&R during the past couple of years, but now back and as usual, back 3 years some of the characters had children in day care or grade school, and now the children are young adults. Still trying to figure out what grown child belongs to whom :))

For those who use to watch Y&R, the mother with Alzheimer's is Jack, Ashley & Tracy's mother. The mother thinks Jack is her husband John, and she doesn't recognize her two daughters. Mom had fired her caregivers and insist she can live on her own.
I feel that this show does a wonderful job at tackling the problems of Alzheimer’s disease. Dena the mother of Jack, Ashley & Tracy is the sweet unassuming little proper lady with this disease . She does an excellent job at showing how their moods can change on a dime and back again . This disese is cruel to the persons brain it seem to make the most proper lady early in life to possibly turn into a soap opera vixen !!! Some times you are never sure how they may act to anything that comes into their life . Their emotions go from one extreme to another without warning as this character “Dena” shows with perfect depiction. I highly recommend watching this show it does show some very much true to life situations.

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