More turmoil.....this is what bugs me.

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Besides the daily grind of being a 24/7 caregiver and doing all the "normal" things....the different annoyances that I have to deal with are not really mentioned as often. Things mother not wanting to take her medicine, always complaining about not pooping, she says all the pills are still in her and she can feel them in her chest, being hungry or not hungry, not knowing what time it is, thinking it's night time when in fact it's noon or 1:00 pm, being restless, being nervous, complaining about all sorts of things, being argumentative......the list can go on and on. To people who have no clue what we go would never dream what this entails.


Our daily lives are not like most people I know. Wouldn't it be nice to have dreams of your last vacation or the Movie you just went to..That's what normal people do.. I sleep with one eye open waiting to hear my name being called... So obviously I don't have any dreams....
Yes, I understand. It is hard... but this will soon pass, my friend. Find ways to console your Mother... to love her gently and be forgiving of her annoyances. She is as bewildered as you are.. if not more.
She is showing signs of anxiety, get an Rx from her MD. Xanax and Celexa have stopped Mom's obsessions like this one.
Maybe a visit with her Dr. to review her medications, perhaps the dosage on some needs adjusting. Or having a conversation with a geriatric care nurse could be very helpful. Every morning I write down the day, date and year for my mum on a post-it-note because otherwise she would not know. Also it is very important to keep them hydrated, dehydration can affect mental health. Also, if they are taking a diuretic that can create wonky electrolytes. Cranberry juice and bananas help restore potassium etc. If it were me, I would have a visit with either the Dr. or a nurse specializing in geriatric care. Good Luck!
learn all you can about her illnesses roscoe. shes going to be gone soon and youll want to look back and be thankful that you calmed down and showed her compassion. my mother had me pretty exasperated for a while too until i learned more about dementia . take her to get ice cream everyday or something. my mom has been gone for about 10 days and i miss the hell out of her.
captain.. very sorry you have lost your mum. I hope each day will get a little easier for you.

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