Trying to get Medicaid for my Mom who is presently in nursing home under private pay.

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Money is running out. We have applied for Medicaid and know that money needs to run out but I have received no information whether she will be accepted or not ,we have approx.2 months left before the money,is no more.I have tried to contact Medicaid my answers are ,"it's pending" I have been to the same words "it's pending" the social worker at the nursing home has no answers for me other than lets wait and see, this is very frustrating,I'm so fearful that my Mom will not be able to stay there because of no money or Medicaid bed.she is 97 yrs. young .Please advise


While Medicaid is still in a "pending," your mom will not lose her bed in the nursing home, assuming the nursing home is Medicaid 'certified.' Medicaid usually takes 45-90 days to process an application, even under the best of circumstances and the applicant is within the eligibility guidelines. [Question: you mentioned her money will run out in approximately 2 months. In most states she would need to be below $2,000 in countable resources ('resource allowance') in order to become Medicaid eligible. Is she below? If so, keep reading, and if not, she needs to be asap! In the case she is not, you will need to properly spend-down straight away.]

Then, once Medicaid does render their decision, and assuming it is an approval, the coverage will go back - retroactive, to the 1st of the month (in most states) in the month you applied. Try not to get too frustrated, but at the same time, stay proactive and keep calling in for status updates and ask your Medicaid caseworker if there is anything you can do or provide to him/her that could possibly expedite their decision. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have run across caseworkers who instead of pick-up the phone and call me, choose to simply sit on a file because they are missing a simple piece of information.
You can contact your local long term care omdudsman for any questions you have about nursing home care including Medicaid. She won't lose her bed and your should have an answer prior to her running out of money.
Cheryl is right, it takes a while to process your Medicaid application. But there's nothing to worry if you've met all the eligibility requirements. If you've spend down all your assets just to become eligible then your mother will most likely receive Medicaid benefits.

It is stressful to be in this kind of situation so while you still have time, make sure to prepare for long term care early by boosting your retirement income or getting coverage. Ltc insurance is dubbed as an efficient payment method since according to infolongtermcare and marketwatch it helps pay for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other long term care services. Long term care insurance partnership program is also a good option because this type of policy allows you to become eligible for Medicaid benefits without spending down your assets once you've exhausted your policy benefits.

I hope your mom's application will be approved and will continue to receive care in nursing home.
Just show the nursing home your copy of Medicaid application. She is in a Medicaid - approved facility, right? If not, tell your Medicaid social worker you need a bed in NH they will pay for. Private pay facilities are under no obligation to keep renters who cannot pay.

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