We are having trouble transferring Mom to the toilet.

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Her legs are not strong enough to hold her while we turn her. She has landed on the floor once and almost a few times. She is incontinent so this is only done for when she has a BM. She can't seem to do anything on a bedpan. What other options do we have? If we got a Potty chair wouldn't we have the same transfer problem? I'm at a loss. My Dad just says she is lazy and yells at her. That's not helpful either. Any advise would be appreciated.


Hi Lizzie, my grandma is unable to walk unaided anymore and we have to transfer her from bed to wheelchair to arm chair etc. We cant get her in to the toilet so use a commode chair with wheels, and then we can do a direct transfer from bed/chair etc, without having to fully turn her. She's quite a big lady and this has been such a massive help to us, as we can literally move the commode chair once we have lifted her and simply place her down on to it. Really hope that helps and I've made sense!
have you ever heard of a sar lift? there are several lifts they used in a nuraing home but you can purchase one there are the manuel ones and theres the lectric ones its a strap that goes around ur mother her waist and the other part strapes onto the machine and it brings ur mother up has rollers on the bottom and you can use it for the commode or if the bathrm door is wide enought you can roll it into he bthrm they are some that are expensove and some that r not their really easy to use and they are safe to use
Hi lizzy, could u call mom's dr., n request home OT referral. My mom has leg weakness, we use a "3 in 1" potty chair placed over commode. Legs adjust to various heights, n it has arm rails. If u can get ur mom squared up in front of it, she can sit easily w the higher toilet seat. There is also a style that has one side flat, arm rest/rails on the other- it is meant for easier transfer from the bed directly onto potty part. They make liners to fit these potties, some people use small trash bags as they're cheaper. Odor is reduced if h2o is added to the potty part. Then u can flush in reg toilet. Hope this may help if u can't get home OT visit. Sounds like ur mom should qualify, n they could give dad some education re: stroke effects vs "laziness" we also use a gait belt w success-got trained to use properly by PT, may help u move her more safely. A no. of expensive lifts are made to help w transfers too-OT would know how to get cost covered,IOC lift is indicated....
Lizzie, my mom has Parkinsons and dementia. She is very unsteady on her feet and always crosses one ankle over the other when standing. Although she only weighs 110, she is very strong and easily distracted. I'm 4 inches shorter than her, so it can be a challenge to move her from the bed to the chair to the toilet and into the car. I get in front of her and have her grab my waist while I lift her under the arms. Then I swivel her onto the wheelchair. I have a molded plastic, raised seat on the toilet, with handles. It is 5 inches thick, so makes it easier for her to sit. If your mom is very short, this might not be the best option. There is no easy way, just trial and error and lots of practice to reach a comfortable method for both of you. I have to wrap my arms around mom from the back and rock her from one foot to the other to get her from point a to point b when her wheelchair is not an option. If your mom is very heavy, the lift assist will probably be your best option. Also, talk to her doctor about physical therapy to strengthen her legs. They should be able to come to her home for this. Good luck!

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