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I know everyone knows what drive by's are, but how many experience trot by's. With all the venting we all do I thought I would share a personal story. My mother had her dog so rotten that he would beg at the table for "little treats" as she called them. We do not and never have permitted feeding animals at the table. Retraining him was a challenge at best. Now, when we are having dinner we get trot by's. He trots by in the dinning room, like he's going to his water dish. On his way, he tilts his head toward us to check it out. If he see's any of us looking back he jerks his head away as if to say," I'm only passing by, I'm not begging". Now he has the two other dogs doing the same thing. We've become a canine ghetto. We have to laugh because it is so comical. Mother, of course , has no clue. Isn't it amazing the simplest things that caretakers can find amusing?


Guilty as charged. Yes I give treats. It makes me feel needed and loved.
we usedta have an old yellow lab who would gel by the woodstove and try to remain invisible. he knew that any disruption out of him would result in the great outdoors for the night. he usedta grin and thump his tail with approval as firewood was being carried in. " hell yea, more firewood "
Got a cat who does that. We thought he was a pretty well behaved centerpiece and would let him on the table...he has no actual interest in people food, unlike many of our previous cats...but our son does NOT approve and he has learned to jump down as soon as he's around. We are currently trying to reward chair sitting as a suitable substitute with lots of petting and scratching but only when on the chairs instead. You should post this as a "Story" too!
Thank you for the good laughs! I needed a chuckle today and these were it.
I always tell my husband that I wish he loved me as much as he loves his cat!

I try to find my loved one's behavior "quirky and endearing," no matter how annoying. Not much success, but I do try.
This is to vstefans, I tried to post as story but too many characters. Max of 400.

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