Trivia Saturday and Sunday.

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If is overstepping some bounds here, I am sorry. I asked permission earlier and I either did not get a response or, more likely, I couldn't find it in my list of emails.

For those who would like a simple game of trivia, I am part of group that has been playing trivia virtually every Saturday and Sunday @ 6 PM, Eastern time.

We have been doing this now since 1996 (and earlier).
We also discuss food, choc, etc.
And, provided the primary server isn't having a hissy fit that particular day, I have a cam on my 56 gallon fish tank. (the chat room is below this.. scroll down) and give the java a chance to load. Also, there aren't passwords, at least not yet.

two cents ¢¢
Anyway, if you would like to participate.

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