Triple Duty Caregiver. I take care of my mother, my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law.

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I take care of my mother, my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law. my mother lives on her own, and my in-laws live on their own as well, but on the other side of town from my mother.

add to that the fact that my mom is deaf, and my FIL is in the early stages of alzheimer's, and has parkinsons, and my MIL has fibromialgia, and i have a TON of fun.

i also have a special needs child, so i am busy, busy, busy.

small wonder i can't hold down a regular job!

things aren't as bad as t hey could be, but with my mom being 81, my FIL being 80, and my MIL being 75, i don't think it's gonna get any better.

thanks for letting me vent


You mentioned you can't hold down a regular job (understandable), hopefully someone out of all these in-laws or families take care of you? That's a big burden to take on by yourself.
i am married, and my husband is as helpful as he can be, but he works full time. he picks up the other child i have at home (i have 4 altogether, but the older two are out of the house), and helps out where he can. i mainly take everybody to appointments, and jump when emergencies happen (FIL had a dizzy spell 2 weeks ago, and MIL was so upset, she called me to come help. i called the rescue squad, because he's a lot bigger than me, and i was afraid he'd fall if i tried to get him to the vehicle on my own)

i also spin, knit and crochet to help with the stress. thanks for the thoughts!
My father passed last year and now I am in his house trying to keep it at my familys request.It came with an uncle that I love a bill that I am trying to pay and an ex wifes child with kids that had lived here for three years free that tought was thiers.My uncle is 79 and can not remeber well.I have called his son and grandson to ask that they get involved.I get no help from anyone in the family at all.I do have people around that do care but without his son I have the problem of depression.I have no way of culling this.And it sucks becuase I have no time for anything at this point.All I can do is move on and try to keep us as happy and as cumfortable as I can.P.S.The EX stepkids are down the road!!!!!
I know what you mean about triple duty. I take care of my 18 month old grandson take my niece to school pick up my 6 yr old grandson from 1/2 day kindergarden pick up my 5 year old grandson at 3 from all day kindergarden then pick up my other two grandkids from grade school then pick up my niece from high school . I drive two to three hundred miles a week !! I do not get paid to do any of this. Except gas money some times! I also live with my Dad in my parents house.(My husband and i moved in after my mother died 3 years ago,at his request.) He is 77 and in pretty good health But he forgets and is very set in his ways. I make sure all the bills are paid and there is food to eat. And am trying to find part time work. It is hard to take care of all these people with no help. I have 3 sister but they dont help.My dad takes 9 meds a day and my husband takes 10.Both are diabetic and have had heart attacks. He still treats me like a kid and im 53! Thank for the lettin me vent I have been looking for some place or someone to talk to

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