Toxic relationships.

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Laura, Many of us here have been involved in toxic relationships. Would you give us more details so that we can give you advice targeted to your specific situation?
I have a feeling they were meaning to search the site for things to do with toxic relationships. There is a lot here, but I don't know what the best keywords would be.
Lol, how about "mother", JessieBelle?
Thanks for the responses to my non question! I was attempting to search in general on the topic, not to start a new question. What an idiot I am!

I will be posting shortly on the issue, just need to collate my thoughts.

I am so grateful for this site which I turn to frequently for support as we have nothing like this in the UK.
Once my mother's only child (single ,no children,my father only child deceased,and mom has no siblings living) My mother is 96 I am 58 lost my health was hospitalized. Now having recovered my health I'm told by her court appointed guardian I failed when I tried caring for my mom so now I can visit her a memory care unit...only her short term memory fails her for now..but all she wants is to spend her last days together with me. Well I'm just stuck , guess I'll keep trying thought I might find some advise here.
Take Care Of Yourself First !!!! What would your loved one do without you!!!!

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