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I have posted sporadically about living with my fiance (now husband) and his 94 year old grandma. She had rectal cancer...and definitely has up days and down days....lately lots of up days!
We moved her with us in January to a larger, more handicap/elder friendly home. In her previous home, she didn't like company, she never went outside, she didnt even like the windows opened. In our new home, she wants to go out and sit on the back porch. She walked around the entire outside of the house with me! She LOVES when my family comes to visit...and is even facetiming with them on the iphone/ipad (with a little help from us of course!) She just turned 95 on Saturday.. and I feel so amazing being able to let her have happiness with whatever time she has left with us! I just wanted to share- sometimes a change of scenary can do some good :)


That is amazing, hev. Don't know what else to say but High Five!
1128, Fantastic! It sure sounds like the move has done her a world of good. That is very unusual with the elderly. I hope her excellent adjustment to the change have taken on a huge responsibility and it sounds like you are dealing with it very well. Keep it up!
That's great! I wonder if your new home reminds her so much of when she was younger. And to be able to deal with the family. She's happy. Good for you and hubby!
Bookluvr- it's funny. The first time she was in our new home she said that it is the type of house rich people live in. Her family had always been on the poor side. And trust me, my husband and I aren't rich- just comfortable and lucky.
For 95- she's amazing. and we are blessed. can't say more than that....though if there was a cure for incontinence I'd love to hear it. We suspect most of the issues are a result of her cancer treatment though so we are in a no win situation there.
Hev, 90% of it is who she is with. You must be an Angel.
Thank you Hey, for sharing that wonderful news! God bless you!
Happy for all of you Hev...:)

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