Took Mom out to dinner tonight for the LAST time.

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Her behavior is bad enough in private, I don't need to deal with it in front of the world, where she is perceived as rude and obnoxious, instead of ill. It's not that I care about what strangers think....It's about the way she hurts my, and others feelings, with her nastiness. She was so mean to my 4 yr old nephew (her grandson) that he and I BOTH cried. Done venting. Valium. Bed. Thanks for listening.


I understand that BoniChak. My mother has frontal lobe dementia and her filter is gone. We were at sonora lab once and she stood up and called everyone in a packed waiting room a m____f----. talk about an akward moment. The cussing is unbelievable. My mother was a very polite woman, even now she will say excuse me after she cusses. LOL She was also very bad in restraunts demanding and rude to any server.. Alot people are not familiar with dementia so the behavior is perceived rude and really that's what it is dementia or not. We were starting to find quiet places and going to an early lunch around 11 and a few months ago we stopped doing it also.. Good night
What to do with the old folks in public! There's no telling what will come out of some of their mouths. I feel terrible when my mother talks about how fat or unattractive someone is or that they have some mental challenge. Maybe I should just start imitating Scarlet O'Hara and say, "Pot calling the kettle black." I doubt a dose of her own medicine would work, though.
The only positive note on that is now when she has an appointment we don't wait too long because I will tell the front desk she doesn't do well in crowded rooms and what she did at the lab and funny thing they get her back pretty quick.. LOL
Jessie Belle my mother would do the same thing talk about how overweight someone was when although not obese she was definately packing some weight.. Hello kettle this is the pot. LOL And you are 100% right a dose of her own medicine would never work,, they are only self aware.. Tonight on the phone my mother was calling my dad some bad names and if I didn't know how much she loved him and she has dementia I would have been offended,, he passed christmas night suddenly.. The last eight months feels like years.
ill bet there are good days and bad days boni. i dont have any valium, its a bad day for me.
Boni's asleep, but some of the rest of us are up, Capn. No advice. Just eyes and ears.
(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) I know it hurts.
My mum was in resto the other night telling us AGAIN about this story in respite then when the whole place went quiet at the top of her voice" WELL I NEVER THOUGHT A BLACK WOMAN WOULD BE PUTTING ON MY KNICKERS" I just wanted to die!! PS my mum is not at all racist but why did resto go quiet just when she said this!!!!!!!!!!! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!! if only!
Kazzaa, those are the worst time. My mother is racist in the old polite southern woman way. I have had to quiet her a few times when she starts expressing her views on some stereotype.
Morning all. (can't say "good") I tried this morning to behave as if nothing happened last night, assuming she would not remember. All she remembers was that I was upset last night and would not tell her why. Instead of asking me, she has just been a raging bitch. We have NO groceries but I can't leave to go shopping, because when she is in this mood she is extra defiant and the minute I leave, she will be up walking around, until, of course, she falls. I am the bad guy. Not her dementia...that's my fault too. GOD give me strength!

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