One of the main reasons we took Mom home back in January was so she could be with her babies (dogs).

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No question. Just talking this time. While caring for mom we also had to care for her baby Hank who had oral cancer and had already outlived the normal life span of a large dog. The vet did what he could for her surgically but told us she would probably only last another to weeks. That was years ago. We had to put her down today because it was starting to interfere with her breathing. And if she's not up there with mom now and both of them healthy, well I don't know. It's almost like losing mom all over again. At least they are finally together again! I am happy about that.


Coolieslday13, what a comforting feeling your late Mom must have had knowing that you would be there for her dogs even after your Mom had passed. So sorry to hear about Hank, those fur babies are so very important and will be missed. I can just vision your Mom calling for Hank and her running to your Mom :)

That's one thing my significant other and I think about, what if something happens to us, who will care for our pets.
Play well on the other side, Hank. You were quite the dog to have affected so many people. Romp on in your new, healthy body.
I wish there was a way to "Like" your post.

God bless.
My old tabbie was my youngest son's cat. My son died 12 years ago. I had to put the cat down a few months ago. It triggered a lot of feelings. Toonie (the cat) visibly grieved my son for 4 years. They are a link to the ones who have passed. It gives me comfort to think of them together again. ((((hugs)))) to you.

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