I'm a 60 year old female who feels that taking too many meds is interfering with my health in a negative way.

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I am on meds for grand mal seizures...high bp...gastro problems...chronic pain meds...anti depressions..anti anxiety...muscle spasms...and more..is this too much..


Have you had a discussion with your doctor about your feelings?

No..I have not because I am treated by three diff providers as my PcP....pain care ....and the gastroenterologist at dartmouth I have major problems with gastro region and I cannot seem to get better. This has been a year of frustration that has me wishing things that aren't right. I have been in bed since Jan 26th of last year. I have good days and more bad days...but this could turn into the Oprah show..
Talk to your PCP, who should certainly have a complete list of all the medications you are taking. Try to be as specific as you can about the negative ways you think all these pills are impacting your health. For example, if you say "I have nightmares every night" then the doctor can see which of your pills might be associated with that side effect, if any. Just saying "they make me feel worse" isn't specific enough to really help.

I think my husband took 29 pills a day. But each one was doing the job it was prescribed for and we were grateful they were available. His PCP did review all his meds periodically to determine if we should try discontinuing any.
Just a thought - could the amount of medication be contributing to your gastro problems? I know pain medication can cause constipation and the plumbing could be complicated from there.
Rainmom, that is exactly why a single doctor should be monitoring ALL the drugs a person is taking. Perfectly OK for different doctors to be prescribing in their areas of specialty, but somebody better have an eye on the big picture, and that is usually the PCP.

My pharmacist is also very good about catching drugs that might cause a bad interaction.

This is definitely (in my opinion) something to talk to the PCP and/or pharmacist about. Good luck, carolanne55 !
I also take a lot of medications prescribed from multiple doctors. However, my doctors make it a point to check my medications (all of them) to see if there could be any problems. I'm a bit surprised that this isn't happening with you. Even if the doctors are in different, non-affiliated offices, they should be asking you for a complete medication and supplement list at every appointment. Only when they are armed with all the information can they discover problems with over prescribing or with interactions.

Just a question...have you considered alternative therapies? Like meditation, exercise, relaxation, bio-feedback, and diet? Especially diet...these things can help with gastro problems (one of my conditions is ulcerative colitis, an extremely painful and life distrupting problem). It is only with alternative therapies that I am able to find relief.


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