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you people would think im exxagerating if i told you how poorly ive been treated by southern care for 10 months. i tried to replace them once but they called the new company and totally trashed us. we are getting shit for care from them. the social worker comes by about every 60 days, nurse once a week. i order , pick up and fill med boxes just to be kind and the more i do the less she does. the personal assistant comes by one day every couple of weeks just when she wants me to work on her car and in summary, they fucking suck. i called vita care tonight and they will visit for an evaluation tomorrow at noon ( a sat no less ) . i told them i dont want a repeat of them backing out and humiliating me with southern care and they promised me that wont happen. SC got over on old cappy once but it aint fucking over till its over. ive always showed a spine with them but they thought they had the power to render me impotent. just maybe their wrong. they keep trying to direct my mother to a home where they can fill a bed of their own or fill a bed in a home theyre affiliated with for a cash kickback. vitas says they will institutionalize your loved one for emergency care with the emphasis on getting them back in their home asap. southern care blows and is providing no service here. they are profitteers and have been indited multiple times for fraud and wrongdoing. ill be glad to have the last laugh even if its taken a while. mother hates SC and is totally on board with a new provider. lastly, they have never supported me the primary carer, only offered sexist contempt and dubious prejudice..
wish me well, im gonna fire em again, only this time they cant trash me to the new company. the new company has been enlightened to this treachery..


Good luck and let us know how it goes.Sounds like you're gonna get what you want and need. I wish I had your strength.
yea boni, you take a bite on the ass every now and then but the intelligent dont give up they just regroup. those sexist c***t are so effin fired..
I do wish you well cap'n! Go kick some southern care a$$!!! You and your mom deserve nothing but respect, common courtesy, and the best possible care. Go get 'em!
How did it go?
vitas hasntcalled us back like they promised to do today. im a businessperson also and i get bent when theres poor communication , boni. im gonna call them right now and see what their malfunction is
Go get em! Hope your Mom enjoyed your cooking tonight...and is treating you well.

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