Tonights online edition of Aljazeera America: Elder Care.

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Tonights online edition of aljazeera america is wholly dedicated to the problems elder family caregivers face. along with some good articles is a questionair for carers to describe our personal journey, share what weve learned, and suggestions for the help we could have used. dont stand back and b**ch if your not willing to speak up when the spotlight finally shifts our direction.


I went there and looked at the timeline, but it wouldn't let me go anywhere else or do anything. I couldn't get to the conversation.
the timeline scrolls horizontally. the questionair was in one of the articles.
the questionair link is at the bottom of the " caregivers want better wages " story . i dam sure filled it out. might share something ive learned the hard way -- help someone else..
I will check it out. This is a place holder.

Malissa C. at the University of Georgia is also researching career breaks and sacrificing. Impact on career if you have left the work force to care for anyone.
Hit submit to soon, this d*** tablet corrects caregiving to sacrificing. Imagine!

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