All I know is tonight I am making new memories with my Daddy.

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I am taking him dancing so we can smile again. I want to feel joy again. Once I do--- I'm never letting go! Peace & love, blou


Nothing to say. Just sending a smile your way. You go, blou and Dad!
What a great idea to spend time with your father! I hope you both enjoy the evening and remember it as a very special time in your lives.
Thanks, Jessie & Garden. I did see that smile come back to his face. It was worth every second. I thought I might be in trouble a few times when he didn't want to leave, got a little lost (turned around) coming back from the bathroom a few times. But, he'd see me--- and there was that smile again! We take a back-back w/ his diapers in it wherever we go. I noticed a guy who sat down next to it while we were dancing, who seemed to be completely obsessed w/ it. When I told my dad, his face just fell. He looked so fragile & sad. I almost wished I hadn't said anything. I told him not to worry. He said, "But, all my stuff is in there!" I said, " There are two cops by the door. Just imagine if the guy grabbed your bag-- thinking it had something good in it-- getting taken down by two cops & going to jail because he tried to steal DIAPERS!" He thought about it. Then, he just said, " Ha. Yeah. Diapers. That's what he gets."

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