Tomorrow is Mom's 79th Birthday.

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At 69 we almost lost her....we were to the point of thinking about what to plan and who to call and how to get out of towners (mostly me) there fast. She obviously recovered and has another decade under her belt. : )

For her 70th Birthday we (5 sibs) threw her the biggest, most extravagant party we could. We even rented a party bus to bring all of her old lady church friends to East Hampton, complete with her favorite Priest and his Banjo. It was a spectacular event.

I guess I have a year to plan her 80th! My wish is for it to be an intimate gathering of her and her 5 children, who began fighting at her 71st birthday and haven't stopped since. I Know it would be her wish too.
Happy Birthday Old Lady. (my pet name for her)


I left out the words ' Instead of a funeral'. But Y'all are smart, you prolly got that.
Boni - hope your mom enjoys a wonderful birthday filled with love and laughter! Will be looking for a new pic of you both complete with new, par-TAY hats!
I think she will have a great birthday n thanks to you going all out of the way. I hope u enjoy it as well.

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