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Oh my, those horrible horrible toenails lol


My 96 yr old FIL lives with me. He is on 24 oxygen and in a wheelchair. His toenails are disgusting and there is no possible way to cut those monsters. And the toenail fungus makes me gag. Six months ago, I took him to a podiatrist who donned a mask and thick gloves and attacked them with a grinding wheel. Seriously, I couldn't even see a difference when he was done. I hate putting socks on and he insists I keep pulling them up. I don't know which is worse..............his false teeth which he hands to me covered in slobber and food................or those toenails. Barf lol
Anybody else have toenail issues?? :)
I suggest taking your fil to a podiatrist regularly. My mother has the same issue plus callus build up. We take her about every 6 weeks to shave the callus's and use tea tree oil on her toes twice daily for the fungus. You should be able to get tea tree oil at most grocery stores or a beauty supply store. It does work but takes 9 months for more to get it under control and if you stop using will most likely come back. OTC medicine for the fungus works too but it will be the same process...on going application...according to the podiatrist.
Most care givers have toenail issues and the only solution is the podiatrist. On the funny side a friend of mine as a young student nurse in the UK collected all the patients false teeth and after she had dutifully cleaned them had no idea which set belonged to which patient.
I am my mum's live-in-caregiver and I have a LPN foot care nurse come to the house every 8 weeks to take care of my mum's toenails. She has a good foot soak, then the grinding wheel to file the nails because they are so thick and then a foot massage. If they are done every 8 weeks they won't be so difficult to do every time.
My mother has the thickest toenails. She even had them when she was a young woman. She blamed them on an injury, but I know fungus damage when I see it. I tried to get her to go on scheduled trips to a podiatrist, but she says she can do it herself. So gross that I don't want to think about it. She keeps losing her clippers and asking for mine. She tries to return the clippers, but I tell her to keep them. I am definitely not going to use them! I figure that stuff is contagious and I'm just waiting to start having trouble myself. I see podiatrist bills in my future.
I believe that Medicare will participate in podiatry care if the person has diabetes.
Yes, my mother can see a podiatrist at no charge, but she refuses. I got her to to twice, but that was it. If she could do a good job on her nails, I would understand, but she doesn't. They end up looking like chipped rocks. My SIL thinks I should soften and cut them. Ewwww, scream, no can do. I'll be glad to take her to the podiatrist, though.
Look in the phonebook and see if you have a mobile foot care nurse that will come to your house, it makes things much simpler.
If only my mother would. She doesn't want anyone to do her feet. Getting her to the doctor would be no problem, but she won't.
Ich! This is such a gross condition, and I used to take care of Mom's nails in between Podiatry visits (every 9 weeks under Medicare) and used gloves and mask! The tea tree oil was very good not only for the (apparent) fungus , but also for the calluses under the tips of her toes (due to toes permanently curled under). But as Shaynmarie said you have to use it consistently. In my Mom's case it prevented further spread, but did not cure it completely. She now gets regular visits from the Podiatrist that serves the NH, so it seems under control. I had a similar issue myself about a year ago. The big toenail started to separate from the nail bed with some white powdery stuff (assume fungus) building up under the nail. I cut the nail away as far as I could, and removed the powdery stuff . Then I used the tea tree oil morning and night. The nail eventually grew back in, attached to the nail bed, and now looks completely normal. I dread that someday I will be in the same boat as my Mother!

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