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i am so tired this morning mom has been up every hour and if i got 2 hours of sleep all night that would be an over statement.i know she will want to sleep later but i don't want her days and nights mixed up.She is probably in stage 3 and this is getting so hard,i am not a am person anyway and its so hard to be a happy care giver when you are tired.+She talks to herself so it is impossible to rest and she does not think of anyone but herself and give the poor me stuff and denial of what she does.


I am so sorry you are dealing with this. When my m-i-l started to get her days and nights mixed up (and this is going to sound mean but it was all that worked) I sat where ever she was and every time she dozed off I would wake her up. Very time consuming and tedious as I couldn't leave but she slept all night that night. I had to do that several days in a row before she was straightened back out. I also give her a melatonin with her evening meds (with her dr's approval) because she tends to do things so she can stay up all night like get up to watch tv or read but the melatonin seems to help that. Prayers and hugs to you - sometimes dealing with them is so very frustrating.
thats what is so strange her dr. has her on melatonin and a sleeping pill and she was still up and she hasn't slow up yet and she is really pushing my buttons she also fell this am and i had to have my son come on the way to work and gt her up as i have had 8 back operations.and she keeps trying to get up without her walker today.
just now she did it again i don't knnow how i will make it through the day,my husband called and said he'd come help so i could rest or get away before i have a melt down.Thank god...
i don't know why she is like this today she broke a lamp ,the dog dish and is talking to herself and tried to get out of the house but she can't even unlock the door,i was finally able to give her her meds so i am hoping they will calm her down.
sharon5252, this may sound drastic but you can take her to the ER for help. If it is to the point where you think she is a danger to herself or you than take her. We just took our daughter to the ER for this reason- she was having violent fits and we could not control her. My husband did not want to do this- he kept saying "what are they going to do for her?" but that is not the point the point is my daughter was unsafe and we needed to get her safe. Even if they could not offer any help it was a place to go that would guarantee her safety. They had us stay until my daughter snapped out of it (we think it may have been a reaction to Zoloft) - we almost had her admitted- but she finally (after hours and hours) calmed down. She is still having issues but I can get her to snap out of it at home. If I cannot we will go back to the ER. They can put the co-pay on our tab. Again.

The thing is - you can go to the ER if you think you or she is in any danger. And do not leave until you feel like she is out of danger. - like the situation is under control.

Good luck. Prayers and hugs to you!!!
ty i've done that and they just want to place her if i can't do it she was find until she saw me then pulled her iv out cause she thought i would leave her there.My husband camee over today and i got a 2 hr nap and dinner too.just put her down to bed but can hear her still talking to god know what.Just one long day...
Hi Sharon- I am glad your husband came over so you could nap and eat. When you went to the ER was it just for her behavior? Did they give her an IV because they just do that with older people who are exhibiting weird behaviors or was she physically unwell? I would still take her if she is a danger to herself. . Just to be safe. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. (((((hugs)))))
thanks,they really didn't know what was going on,blood pressure,stroke ...She had a fall week early and got a concussion so they were going to do a cat scan they only kept her one day tho.She finally went to sleep last night at 10 up at 12 but then slept till 11;30 this am so i had a break ecept now i get to change bedding even with pads and bath her etc....but was worth the rest.She seems very weak today and could hardly walk to her chair.Just a new adventure every day...lol

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