There have been times where I have been so severely outraged.

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In my car, about how my mom's: nagging/press'g with advs 2 do. Especially about money. she doesn't know that i'm not working full time-and albeit i surely am looking to have more income in our life-i need for it to be on our own terms-which is going to have to be based of self income, and i'm getting help with so. there's also 3 dogs about our house that pull on my energy-having been with here all day-and it drains me all the further. there's nothing concrete of establishment in our area-that i can go to-to vent, however advocacy of how to resolve and more healthily decompress from being so ticked off with her nagging/pressing with advising me-and i didn't ask-is what i truly know would help me diffuse/neutralize my feelings (of resentment) of her/the circumstance(s) i have. i have alot of wellness tools that i can use to also help me, and people to go to for support-until i can move out (at least part time the come into, for i'm not yet with more than enough $$-to rent an apt). though so, can anyone help me here in forum, with better behave of myself-than wishing that she would: get out of my life/wishing that she would die (i'm sorry).
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I'm not sure I understand exactly what the problem is, other than it sounds like you're REALLY mad at your whole living arrangement. Please don't be one of those people that we hear about on new NEWS that suddenly snap and kill a family member then themselves. I hope you turn to someone for help, or at least remove yourself from the aggravation for a time so you can decompress. I know that's easy for me to say, but honestly you DO need to get yourself away from your mother before you end up in a padded room somewhere.
I have days when I cry coming home from errands because it means, well, everything starts again. It means you are long overdue for some respite.

If you're saying that you're getting angry because your mom is IN the car bitching and nagging at you, it might be better for everyone's safety to leave her at home. If that's not possible, then tell her that talking distracts you from driving and you don't want to have an accident, so could she please wait to talk when you get home. If she won't shut up, pull over and wait. Driving while you're that angry can be dangerous.
Jannew, how old are you?
(again) thank you everyone who offered how i can diffuse/heard me out with my quandry. blessings greatly to you!
i will grow embettered with help-whether by the here in forum, and outside with the world about us:) resources be continued..

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