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Not really a question or needing help, just realization. Caring for my husbands dad with one of us having to always be here now or one of my parents coming in while we go out to do something together, we have noticed it is pulling at our heart strings as one of us brings our 2-1/2 year old daughter to see things for the first time. We recently have taken turns taking her to a fair so we could both see the joy on her face because his dad refused to go with us, even for a little while. It is heart breaking, because I feel bad asking my parents to come sit with him every time we go do something. They are coming soon so we can go to a party as a family. We haven't been out together in a while, I think baby girl will love it. My husband and I just said this morning, if his dad doesn't improve to be able to stay alone, we may have to look into a sitter for weekend outings for us to go even to the zoo. My FIL is a fall risk, using a walker, has all his mental capacity, and needs to waited on mostly, but can't be left alone due to the fall risk. He has fallen in past.


Crowded, I think you are right, it is time to look for a caregiver, not only for weekends but for a couple hours during the day so you can go places with your toddler, such as play dates, or time to just walk around the neighborhood or go to the park together, etc.

Does your Dad-in-law qualify for Medicaid? If so, contact your local Medicaid office to see what they have available in the line of Aides to come to the house to help.
Thanks freqflyer for your suggestions. Not sure if he would qualify for Medicaid, but he is undergoing home health care currently as follow up care after a few hospital stays recently. We may ask if they know of any aides that are available. One was real nice, and we are hoping to hire her to help him shower more regularly till he gets back to it more himself. It is a chore to get him to do more than a sponge bath, but my husband got him to shower last night YEAH!
My FIL went to the doctor yesterday. They prescribed him medication to relax his bladder. Pretty much said this happens when you get old, as everything appeared fine with no blockages. Getting up to pee 7 to 10 times a night just seems excessive to me and it happened in the last two months from three trips unless he didn't realize he was up so much before his son was having to assist him.

We were hoping for a better answer than getting old and just have to deal with it. The doctor said the medication should help and see a difference in a month, if not he will run more test.
crowded, yes getting old will cause different things to happen... your bladder tends to fall, and with that comes added pressure that makes you feel like you need to run to the bathroom. That happened to me one weekend... yikes... you feel you can't leave the house unless the house was on fire. I don't know what caused my bladder to do that, but was so relieved when it went away. Now I can sympathize with those who have such a problem on a regular basis.

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