This may be our last Father's Day.

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Things are looking pretty grim for Dad and (don't throw stones for me saying this), I find myself hoping that we are nearing the end of his journey. He's NOT comfortable at all, and it just seems to cost more day-by-day. (THAT'S AN AWFUL THING TO SAY) . Anywho... In the event that this is our last Father's Day, I want to do something special for Dad. He was quite the fisherman and "slugger" in his hay day, and he often laments about his inability to fish anymore. . I tried to take him (although I HATE the sport. I literally wore a homemade HAZMAT suit) last year and I had to do everything... bait the hook (Gross!), reel it in, and remove the minnow - I mean whale - we accidentally hooked before calling it a night. Now, he's unable to spend any amount of time in direct sunlight or heat without his breathing becoming labored or getting really dizzy. We may even have to stop our Saturday breakfast date at a local diner because he gets so tired. . I will take one for the team to see him smile again with a minnow on a hook. Can anyone help me with a creative idea to get him back on the water, possibly for the last time? His smile was priceless last year (along with the string of expletives) on that trip. I just want to do something special for him before it ends. . My Dad is dying. It's evident now... Despite all we've been through, it hurts to admit that. Wow...


Tinyblu, the first thing that came to mind were the Bass Pro Shops, check and see if there is one in your area. Some cause have indoor fishing. There are also Lodges but that might be too overwhelming for Dad.

I had to chuckle about your experience fishing. That would be the sig other, the city boy never had been fishing. My Dad and Grandfather taught me to fish at a young age, so I had my hands in the worm pail.... I know, gross. We would fish with bamboo poles and had a red/white bobber on the fishing line.

Are there any other outdoor sports that your Dad never did but wanted to try, like target shooting? There are indoor and outdoor firing ranges. One can usually rent a rifle and buy bullets to shoot at targets. Or see if you can find an coin operated machine where Dad can sit, and using a rifle try to hit the target and the machine adds up your points.... no bullets are needed. I like using those, I use to win a lot of free games to use on the machine. That was 60 years ago, so those machines might not exist any more.
Are you talking about freshwater fishing or ocean fishing?

Depending on where you are, hurricane season is coming. A lot depends on weather and wind. You should be flexible. I would not take your dad out on a day that's blowing 10-15. If you can be flexible and wait for a day that's blowing 5-8 that will make it much more enjoyable.

Other things to consider...What is the drive for you to the water? Can you stay at a motel near the water the night before and upon return?
Dad preferred salt water fishing but will settle for just putting a line in the water. I'm not sure he's even strong enough to reel in a fish. The smallest tasks exhaust him now.

As for the beach, I could get to the ocean in about 3.5 hours by car, and there's quite a few mountain lake places around. My concern is getting Dad around. He has a motorized scooter (which we used on our last excursion), but there's considering transporting that (it's heavy and we can't afford a lift) and whether we could get that up and down the pier (which would be our only option).

Sadly, traveling is going to be tough. However, the ocean breeze may be tolerable for Dad since it would feel cooler.

I'm going to see if Bass Pro Shops has some type of indoor activity. The main thing is to keep him out of the sun and find a place that will easily accommodate his scooter. I don't think he would be able to be too far from it.
Tinyblu -

I don't know where you're at, but here in Michigan, pontoon boats are a huge thing. I don't know if you're familiar with what they are - think of a big flat platform with very nice seating, a canopy, and buoyed up by large metal tubes under the boat that keep it afloat and stable.

My dad was also an avid fisherman, and one year for Father's Day, when he was still relatively mobile, but using a motorized scooter, we all chipped in and rented a pontoon boat for the day. We took Dad out fishing, rode around the lake, and everyone brought homemade food with them to share. It was a really nice day. The staff at the rental company lifted Dad's scooter onto the boat and held the boat steady and helped him step onto the platform so he could transfer from the dock to the boat. He rode on the boat while seated on his scooter. And you know what?  I don't think he caught a single fish all day - he just loved being on the boat. 

Is that maybe a possibility for you? This boat had it all - shade, luxurious seating, even a port-a-potty in a small enclosure for privacy.
Check out LL Bean Outdoor Adventures as well.

A pontoon boat on a lake sounds perfect if you can swing it.

Can I say you are an awesome daughter?
You might try contacting fishing guides who might know of locations or services that landlubbers might not be aware of. Love your idea. So glad you remember that special smile.
OMG Susan! What an AMAZING idea! I live by a popular lake in NC, and Dad would LOVE that!!! I'm making phone calls as we speak!
...and yes, I had an experience with a Pontoon boat years ago... they can be capsized) LOL!!!
Thanks BarbBrooklyn! The least I can do is make him smile...
Is a transfer chair an option? Take the scooter with you but use the transfer chair, which is much lighter and can be locked in place, onto the boat.

Also, check with your local chapter of a service organization like Elks, Lions, or Rotary. They often have inside tips because of how involved they are in their communities.

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