This is a new behavior: She was eating lunch and when I looked up she had put the dipping sauce on a napkin and was trying to eat it.

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A new behavior. was eating lunch and looked up and she had put the dipping sauce on a napkin and was trying to eat it. For a second, I couldn't believe my eyes. Took it away from her and at dinner she did the same thing, put some of her vegatables on a napkin. All I can do is shake my head and make sure she has bread with her meal.. bless her heart.


My Mom does things like this all the time. Spoons her food onto a tissue or napkin and stirs it around or wraps it up. I pretty much feed her at meals now. When they get to this point, it is easier and this way you know how much they are actually eating. Nutrition is very important to them now. They have no conception of time, or meals or the need for food anymore. Mom gets distracted easily and doesn't even remember if she eats . Also, maybe don't give her the napkin and see if that was distracting her from eating. Good luck!!!
We have to watch my mom also. If the napkin is white, she thinks it is bread and starts to eat it. I've caught her with a mouth full of napkin and I can't say anything because that will just start a fight so we just watch her closely now and try to make sure she doesn't get the opportunity to put it in her mouth.

Giving her bread helps because that is what they are probably wanting but even with bread, keep an eye on that napkin!

Also, Mom will put clean pieces of tissue or toilet paper in her pockets and while she usually uses them for her nose, we have to watch them too.
Thanks , at least now I know to never leave her alone when she is eating.She can still feed herself and has a good appatite (sp), Just a moment of confusion for her. Thanks for the feedback, I know I am not alone in this roller coaster ride.

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