So what is going on...Is this dis-ease going to take us all down?

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Seems to me that about 4 out of 5 people end up with ALZ/ DEM so what happened 60, 70, 80 years ago that we should be looking into? Same with Autism and ADHD.


My theory is that all the preservatives, pesticides, GMO's, artificial sweeteners etc. that we eat, in addition to the Teflon and aluminum in the cooking utensils have caused all of these neuro-degenerative issues.

I so totally agree with you, not to mention the crap they spray on us from the sky in that they, the powers that be call geoengineering. Everything is poisoned now days!
Nest time the Earth stops...I's a gettin off!
Glodeo, back 60, 70, 80 years ago people didn't live long enough to develop Alzheimer's/Dementia. Gosh, back in the early 1900's people in their 60's were considered very elderly, and usually a heart attack or cancer would be their demise.

Today, modern medicine helps to keep the body running longer, but modern science forgot about the brain.

My main concern with the younger generation is that they are eating meat/chicken which have growth hormones. The growth hormones are used to because then takes less time to get the cows/chickens to the selling market. But what are those growth hormones doing our bodies? The 10 year olds today look so much bigger than the 10 year olds back in the 1950's. Their bodies are physically maturing faster.

No wonder the organic grocery stores are packed every day. People don't want to eat products with so many chemicals in them.
In the midst of all the chaos with my mom's death, one of the ER docs told me emphatically, take care of your heart, your brain will be fine generally speaking. There's always exceptions, but he told me follow a heart health and/or MIND diet. I've read it here where someone posted a while back, but he told me that your mom's hardened arteries caused her vascular dementia and much of her illnesses. He said eat whole foods, cut down on processed foods and exercise. He said I know you hear this all the time but he said I see this all the time too and I'm just trying to tell you don't go the way of your mom when you can do something about it. It was quite sobering b/c the doctor leaned over her and was very sensitive but serious in his delivery. And he basically looked like he practicing what he was preaching.
Totally agree. On moving to the country 3 years ago I was horrified by the way crops were constantly sprayed. My late mother was a vegetarian for the last half of her life and ate "fresh" year round but of course if it wasn't in season locally it had been transported thousands of miles and sprayed constantly. She suffered from dementia for many years before she passed.

I buy free range eggs on the next road over. Lovely people, like their beer and smoke like chimneys but they've always eaten their own produce, chickens and eggs. He has a little arthritis. She's maybe 5', a foot wide and very strong. He's 85 and she's 87!

Back in the day people produced a lot of their own food and modern "diseases" were rare. Today people around the world are returning to some of the old ways. Personally I'm growing a large garden, canning and keeping meat chickens this year so I know what we're eating. My dogs like chicken too :)
Thanks everyone for the great comments! Much love to you and yours! :)
Bleach generation.
My husband was just telling me the other day, that he watched a program that told of how it only takes 6 weeks from egg to full grown chicken, slaughtered and to market! 6 weeks! How is this even possible? It's their chemically enhanced feed and hormones that they pump into their bodies, that's how!
Don't forget about BPA (Bisphenol A) in the lining of cans and in plastics. I just read yesterday that even toilet paper has toxic chemicals in it.

And don't forget about all the people who insist Roundup is safe (heads stuck in the ground like ostriches) and spray it on their lawns, and even gardens.

In the last month or so I read an article about the medicines that are showing up in salmon - medicines that people take routinely.

These drugs have been found in Puget Sound salmon:

Prozac, Advil, Benadryl, Lipitor; Flonase, Aleve, Tylenol. Paxil, Valium, Zoloft. Tagamet, OxyContin, Darvon. Cipro and other antibiotics, Nicotine and caffeine, even cocaine, as well as Fungicides, antiseptics and anticoagulants.


Angel, I've suspected for some time that chemicals used in peanut growth or processing are contributing agents to the higher number of people with peanut allergies, especially for the little children.

Try fighting Monsanto - it's a monolithic giant, like one of those monsters in horror movies that just keep growing and slurping up everything in sight. And if you really want to be shocked, read about its activities in other countries. Do some research on its involvement in agriculture in Iraq.

After reading that I began to wonder whether we were in Iraq for the alleged reasons stated or to capture and mandate a country captive to Monsanto seed use.
You go GardenArtist....all is truth...every time there is major flooding anywhere everything gets right into the water supply and I mean everything. The chems are sprayed (seeded) into the sky to make tons of rain to make it flood so all this mix of chems can take us out. It is making everyone crazy and don't even get me started on the mind control the powers that be have been testing on us for decades. We know it is being done but what can we all do???? I don't want to end up in the next article in the AgingCare news feed...DO YOU?
Guess we will have to get them to build a CAREGIVERS home so we can all at least have each other to talk to! :)

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