I was thinking of getting a T-shirt made, to wear when certain siblings and some others visit.

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It's a DEMENTIA Thing.
You Wouldn't Understand.

Big SIGH.........Ya just gotta make yourself laugh sometimes. Crying sure doesn't work.


How about "If I take my medication will you go away?" or my favorite: " I hear voices and they don't like you."
people believe what they want to believe boni. ive told you guys about the female friend who let me down when i needed help entertaining my mother. i have had her emails blocked for a year but i wanted edna to see her fireplace yesterday so we stopped in for a few minutes. nothing doing but she had to stand in the yard as we left bragging about what a dyed in the wool feminist she is. i just dont see where a closedminded hate machine has the audacity to brag about such an obvious character discrepancy. i wont subject myself or my aunt to such arrogance and the email address will be blocked again. if i wanted to hang out with swine id get a couple pigs up here.
I love it, boni!!!!

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