Hi everyone! I want to say I am thinking of all you out there that are sacrificing your time to caregiver.

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Sorry ran out of space. Just thinking of everyone out there and wanted to say you're doing great and try to have a nice holiday! Thanks to all that have helped me on here!
You have a Happy 4th as well blueeyedcyn1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks me1000! You also!
Thank you. Needed it on July 4th. Taking care of Dad with Alz. and husband in his 50s with cancer and end stage renal failure.
Thank you very much, blueeyedcyn1. I needed a kind word today as well. This week has been pretty rough. I wish *all* I were dealing with were just Mom and her needs.
Your welcome! Hope you guys hang in there! Been 9 years car giving and it never gets easy. First my mom with breast cancer, now watching my Dad go downhill with Parkinson's. Hugs to you both! Stay strong!!!

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