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Well I was hoping my mother could get back to herself after her surgery. She is very weak. She was in the nursing home for a while and received good care sometimes and terrible care the other times. She is currently in the hospital and some days it's good and some days it's bad. The nurse's aides dropped her on the floor today because they did not have a chair to spot her. When PT transfers people, they always have a chair or something behind them. They are blaming her for the whole thing. So apparently she has to be in some sort of facility since she can't do for herself. Unfortunately, everyone who works there does not sincerely want to help people and bad experiences are almost guaranteed. There is a lot more. I have learned you can report until your face turns blue. But unless you can sit with someone all day and night, (which is not feasible) you can't make sure they have good care. I guess I just needed to vent.


I cannot believe this is going on and how distressing for you. I wouldnt take this lightly you say they dropped her? Surely this isnt right? I think you need to report this for elder abuse. I just cant imagine how you feel or if this happened to my mum. The more i read on here about NH the more i worry but the one mum will be hopefully going to has a great reputation and my friends mum died there so she knows.

Im just so sorry for you and dont know what to say this is an outrage and just not good enough. Ive had a fw carers here that couldnt careless about mum i made serious complaints about thier behaviour but these people are still working even though one left the front door wide open with mum in bed upstairs and noone else around the door had been open for 4hrs? can you imagine if someone had walked in?
Hugs. you must feel so helpless i hope you get her the help she needs and a better place but really dont let this go let us know what happens this is awful.
Thank you so much for your kind words. I really do feel helpless at the moment. You are right. I do need to report this for elder abuse. It's overwhelming. This happened not too long after I got home from the hospital. I understand the frustration you feel about your mom as well. I don't know why things are this way when people are taking care of the vulnerable. I know all places aren't bad but it's really kind of a crapshoot.
Raina28, have you been in touch with the Ombudsman yet?
I'm not really sure what happened. You said they dropped her but you weren't there, you said you were home. What actually happened? Dropping a patient usually gets someone fired.
I talked to a few people. They told me that they gently lowered her to the floor. I don't know who to believe. Since I wasn't there, I can't ever be sure.

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