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i told you guys a few nights ago that id seen ma demento stash a bunch of cash and i made a mental note of it knowing it would be a matter of time someone would be accused of stealing it. tonight she comes to my room as bugeyed as a rat on acid and accused me of stealing 700 bucks. by damn i took her straight to the locked closet and there it wasnt ? i didnt fluster a bit cause i knew she must have opted for some other location. it took some searching but the last object i opened tripped a trigger and she showed me right where it was crammed. she was only delusional for a few minutes early on then we worked together, done some recreating and found it.
again, this is just textbook stuff in late stage dementia. learn your parents hiding places cause youll have to find everything they hide.. the delusional thinking is an added complication. she knows i wouldnt steal money from her or anyone else.


once in jr high school the principal called me to my locker to search it for a kids watch that had been stolen. not sure why he targeted me. i was anti establishment but not a thief. since i hadnt stolen a watch i was pretty smug while he searched my locker. then he patted down my person and pulled a watch out of my top jacket pocket. that wiped the smirk off my face but im the one who figured it out. everybody had new ffa jackets and mikey hung his jacket next to mine during pe then crammed his watch in the wrong jacket pocket. mikey had to run laps in pe for his punishment and i was allowed to have my beloved smirk back..
You are so right in learning a parents hiding places. Sis and I are currently going through mom's house and we are checking every pocket, nook and crannie because she hid money, keys and then she would reorganize daily. We even called a locksmith to come out to open a metal box we couldn't find keys for....there was the $1300 we knew was in the house but mom re-hid it after we counted it out. Check all the little jewel boxes earrings or other jewelry comes in because they will hide other things under the lining. I am glad you got your smirk back, LOL!!
When my husband Steve was drugging and drinking I had a million hiding places for cash because he constantly stole it from me and the kids. Sometimes I would forget the smaller sums of money and come across them later. Once while cleaning out my bedroom in a huge way I found a check from my sister for several hundred dollars tucked inside of a book, and four hundred dollars in cash under the bed behind stored stuff. I still don't know where the cash came from, but HOLY SHT was I grateful for it! I bought some climbing equipment and other camping stuff. I did have to call my sis and give her proper notice. She wasn't thrilled.
@ pamela,
if i had back all the money ive ever spent on drugs and booze id buy myself some drugs and booze.
Nah, cap'n - if you had back all the money you spent on drugs and booze you'd only spend half of it on drugs and booze...and stuff the rest of it under your mom's mattress and tell her some kindly anonymous philanthropist must be sneaking in and leaving her money...kinda like the tooth fairy on steroids!

So you're telling me you have learned absolutely nothing in all those years? *giggles*
If I had back all the money I spent on drugs and booze, I'd buy a cabin up in the mountains on an acre of land with a river.
To be fair, that sum of money would have been from both Steve and I.
@ pamela,
i spent 3 years in the army when i was really young. ( in germany no less ) . i only know this because i have pics and old concert ticket stubs.. i havent learned a thing and am forgetting what i knew..
have to poke fun at myself, everyone else sends letter bombs ..losers !!
I spent six months in the Army and the rest of my time in the Air Force and unfortunately i DO remember this. The good part is, what I remember fvcked me up so bad that I receive disability for it. I am a survivor though. Or what I keep telling myself.

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