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My therapist is an online and Skype therapist with a company located in another state. She has a masters degree. The night my mom dies, that morning, my therapist tells me she is a medium and saw my mom appear before her and told her to take care of me and keep the cabinet and trash everything else. The cabinet being a corner piece that i would know about. Then i asked her to write it down in detail so i would have a record of it. Which she did yesterday. But this time her description was different. I questioned her and she claims that is what my mom told her. I said i doubt it and said did you just tell me that to ease my grief. I think she is BSing me. She has also said some things to me over a years time that suggest to me she has been coming on to me. Such as she my future plans include her. That if i visit her she'll show me a good time. What do you think? She has helped me a lot, but these things sound strange to me. Thanks


These things sound strange to me.

I would avoid meeting her in person.

In fact, I would find another therapist.
That would give me reason for pause. I'd be very skeptical. I'd also take measures to make sure that my private information was protected.
I would not talk to her anymore ...find another therapist
This is really strange. How do you know she has a Masters? I would avoid her. I think it's a scam and she is out to get what money you maybe inheriting. If you need a therapist, there must be something local. There are places that charge "scale" according to what you can afford.
Um, she's crossing the professional line. Get a new therapist. ASAP. A bad one can cause a lot of confusion and hurt. Don't even talk to her, just jump ship. is the therapy company. Seems legit. Clients review and report on the therapists regularly.
Should Buyers Beware? Hidden Risks In Talkspace's Text-Only Therapy
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Talkspace Reveals Clients' Email, Violating Clinical Confidentiality

Talkspace says it verifies that each applicant for therapist is licensed to practice in the state in which they reside, and has malpractice insurance.

Online therapists are considered independent contractors, not Talkspace employees. They receive no benefits. I've seen estimates that they average $12 -$13 per hour. The Talkspace recruitment website says therapists can earn up to $3,000 per month. (With no benefits and paying the employer's share of social security tax.)

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics psychotherapists typically earn between $30,000-60,000 annually. However, a recent survey by suggests that the national average for psychotherapists is right around $58,000 a year.

(I could not find the average salary of a medium!)

Sounds like these are cut-rate therapists. Hmmm...
I'm sorry, but a therapist who delves into the realm of clairvoyance is not a therapist - they are a Miss Cleo wannabe. (Remember her?) I don't care what degree they have - anyone can have a degree and still be a few bubbles off center.

Just my opinion, and perhaps not a popular one, but if my therapist started telling me they were seeing my dead parents, but then the message changed when asked to write it down, I'd be extremely suspicious of their future attempts to "help" me.

Oh, and this??  "She has also said some things to me over a years time that suggest to me she has been coming on to me. Such as she my future plans include her. That if i visit her she'll show me a good time"

You've got to be kidding me.  I'd not only be reporting her to TalkSpace, I'd be reporting her to the state licensing board where she holds her license.

bloomschool, therapist are bound by a code of ethics, and she surely crossed them with what she said about "showing you a good time". Time to change therapist as soon as possible. Cancel the next on-line meeting.

I use a talk therapist where I actually go to the office for counseling. This therapist is close to my age and has had experience with her own elderly parents, thus when she says "I know what you are going through", she really does. The cost is $135 and my insurance pays for the sessions.
I have to strongly agree with the others. This does not sound like a legitimate therapist at all. And it sounds like they are trying to take advantage of you during a very difficult time. Scammers are always trying to tell people what they want to hear and once they earn your trust, they eventually ask for money. We grievers are vulnerable enough. Please try and find another therapist ASAP. There are good ones out there but it might take a while to find someone you are compatible with. Check with your hospice or hospital or family doctor for a referral.

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