The "family" has done it again.

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In today's episode of Tinyblu's never ending drama, she received a call from a VA fiduciary officer in response to "concern" from my ex-step mom (long story).

I detached from her as much as possible after my brother's death, but since she and her new husband (yes, a REALLY strange story) are the only ones who actually visit Dad once a month, I feel the need to at least be cordial...

Remember that trip I just came back from? Well, she got wind of it. Apparently one of my very few FB friends must know her and she saw two pictures I posted from my trip.

Apparently, she thinks that if I can afford a trip to the Carribean, Dad's funds are mismanaged and should be "investigated more seriously". Did I mention that she works for the VA??

Anywho, now I have to complete additional paperwork, etc. in addition to the yearly report I already provide. Despite me showing that Dad's AL rent exceeds his VA benefits, they want additional documentation.

#^&Y@(Y$&^*@^&*(#@^!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing to hide, so that's not the issue. I just don't want to go through the hassle of getting all of this nonsense together.

...stay tuned for more episodes of "Tinyblu's Dysfunctional Family".

Have they even priced a trip to the Caribbean? They can be pretty inexpensive! Just, honestly!
If it wasn't a lot of extra work, I'd be tempted to hand them a spreadsheet showing how much of your own money is going to his care.
Sometimes, Tinyblu, the best defense really is a good offense.

If she works for the VA, you can have her ethics and motives brought into question, adding that a former "family" member has no right to access your private financial records and her concerns are born out of jealousy and revenge. At her job, if she uses this to have you investigated, that can lead to her dismissal.

Copy Dad's income, Dad's expense at AL, write "see attached" on the lousy forms, and send it in with your letter, well worded, of accusations against her. imo.

Maybe I don't have enough information to respond, but she is your Dad's ex?
Tiny, for me, this would be the final straw. I would resign POA and move on. But that's just me.

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