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Happy Easter everyone. On my way to visit Mom. Last visit I was sure she would not make it another week. Yesterday the nurse called to let me know she couldn't swallow and doctor prescribed an antibiotic for a lymph node infection in her neck. She told me Mom still has her periods of being awake and active and still trying to undo the safety belt and get out of the chair or bed. They call her the Energizer Bunny and never saw anyone like her. Half the time she is out of it, but then they can't understand how someone so completely skeletal and frail can still be alive and active and fighting other times. One minute she is sweet and complimentary to the nurses. But yesterday, when the nurse gave her a shot of antibiotic - she flipped her off! Never ever have I known Mom to do that - I didn't know she knew how!


Ah Amy, you have to wonder why they fight so hard to cling to their old, worn out bodies. Is she afraid of hellfire? Does she have unfinished business?
You often hear stories of people who say they are ready to go... and they do! I wish I had some answers for you :(
Oh, Amy. So sad. Happy Easter.
I wish I knew what Mom is waiting for, if anything, except fear of death. I'm not sure she is even aware she is failing as she has been in denial of her age for years. She hasn't been to church in 50 years, isn't religious. My father passed away April 9: 5 days after Easter 41 years ago and I wonder about that. But then, Mom hasn't mentioned Dad in years and is not the least sentimental and doubtful she remembers when he died. The nurses were amazed that she has such a will to live when all her life she has been so negative. Its a "puzzlement". On my way now up there now, but am bringing my little dog for company. She cheers up the staff and makes the other residents happy. I think part of it is selfish too. I hold and stroke her and she kisses me and I feel better being there with her.
Good luck in your visit today! I hope you find her peaceful and comfortable. Its amazing how little doggies can be of such comfort to you and probably your Mom too! I know mine is! She instinctively knows when things aren't going well, she's amazing like that! She will go to the one who is needing the most comfort.
AmyGrace, happy Easter to you, too. I plan to have dinner with my Dad at his Independent Living restaurant, I am just too exhausted to do anything here at home for Easter as I am trying to clean out my parents house by myself, no choice. My sig other will join us for dinner but will leave early to go home to watch college basketball.... sad, sports before family.

Yep my Mom was also in denial of her age, and she feared death. And heaven forbid any doctor tell her an ailment was due to her advanced age... once in the car to go home my Mom would say "they don't know what they are talking about".

When Mom was finally in long-term-care, the nurses couldn't keep the safety belt on Mom for very long while she was in her geri-recliner... Mom would unclick that belt in an instant and try to climb out of that chair. One time I heard a nurse say "Lord, give me strength", she had a dozen of patients just like my Mom.

And my Mom didn't want the neighbors or anyone else to know she was aging. She refused to use a walker, and even didn't want my Dad to use his walker outside [Dad eventually stopped listening to Mom and used his walker outside to go down the driveway to get their mail]. I am sure the neighbors were all giving a sigh of relief to see him with that walker "finally".
It is a wonder how and why they hang on when every point of reason is to the contrary. My mom has become like that in the past four months. We are on our third round of "any minute". Back to pins and needle nerves, no sleep and alternatively hoping and fearing the phone will ring. I said just yesterday to my brother "I wouldn't be surprised if it's tonight or if she's still here six months from now". It's a heck of a way to live - for her and for us. I too will be leaving shorty for a visit - lord knows what I'll find when I get there. Maybe I'll give my baby King Charles Spaniel - Charlie - a brushing and bring him along for moral support. Happy Easter to all - kind of ironic, the topic and the day - returning from the dead.
My Dad when he was alive, died Nov.2, 2015 was in re-hab in 2012 when he was 87 from breaking his pelvis in 3 places. They put an alarm on the chair so they would know when he got up. Well he took the battery out of the alarm so it world not go off. By the way he was roller staking. Hang in there AmyGrace I know it is hard.
(((((hugs))))) and Happy Easter!

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