The Caregiver & Dysfunctional Families: How are you doing?

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No more scaffold!😀

There people here claiming that their prayers made the hurricane to lose power from 4 down to 1. If so, I want those same people to pray for it to speed up getting out of here for by going slow, it's damaging a lot by more than just its power. I have prayed about a lot of hurricanes but their power and speed did not change. I believe in prayer, but not in magic.

(((((fraz))))) You don't have to be there all the time. A suicide attempt should always be taken seriously. However, also recognize her attention getting behaviours - meaning get her the psychiatric help she needs, but don't hover over her. Get on with your life, while getting her the professional help she needs, Detach and distance yourself emotionally . It is a crazy making roller coaster ride. You yourself can't solve it. Hopefully now they will take her mental health issues seriously. I think you are doing well. I am still stuffy and a little sneezy so we will see what the day brings.

glad - I have maple and I love it , It is a nice warm colour and I have it throughout the house, I am ok with it in the bedrooms (who wants to vacuum) and have a few small area rugs. Another time I would put it lino or whatever in the kitchen as in the bathrooms. It helps if you get a good sales person in the store. No more snow yet today. Hope it stays away for another month.

madge - how is the viking?

gershun - re seeing family in a different light, I had various "AHA" moments throughout adult life. I think I've got the picture now.

chris - you are a lot of very legitimate concerns regarding your safety and your mothers problems. Come back and vent any time

sharyn - hope there is more good news re your bro soon

ali - keep us updated on your apt plans

susan, duck, everyone - how are things with you and yours?

Thinking of you all, Life can be very challenging at times. ((((((((hugs)))))))

First I thought hickory, Iove the look of it. Then all the color variation I decided it was too much. Then I thought oak, but oh so standard. Maybe maple, not sure. Even considered cork at one point. But now I am thinking bamboo, which typical for me is what I actually started with.

So frustrated. Went to a flooring store, you know the one, that we see ads for discount flooring on tv, a lot. Customer service there is awful. I was in and out of there is about five minutes. Told clerk I was thinking of bamboo, he told me that he wasn't a fan that it is too soft. Turns out that is a bunch of hooey. It is harder than oak.

For the great room and kitchen area. Carpet for bedrooms tile for bathrooms and laundry. Unfinished basement, I can roller skate down there 😁

Golden, hope you get to feeling better. Get some rest and take it easy.

Madge and Pam, don't you hate it when they think everyone's supposed to be up when they are, or that everyone's schedule revolves around theirs? Pam, I would be tempted too to wake him up at 3 am, especially on a night when you know he's tired! Lol.

The party sounds like fun though, I bet you'll have a good time.

Glad, what type of flooring are you thinking? Is it for the kitchen?

Good night all, ((hugs)), hope everyone is safe from the storms.

Cupboards in boxes in the garage. Must figure out flooring soon.

Good for you fraz. You have responsibilities to your kids and that is your first priority.

Thanks for the support. It's been a crazy day. Mom was admitted to the hospital until a psych bed opens up. The social worker there said all of the psychiatric facilities here are full. Wondering if it's a full moon!

I did go up to see mom, but as it turned out the social worker had told me to wait a little bit to see if they were going to move her to another facility, or at least to a room there at the hospital so I didn't have to wait at the ER. So I didn't have to take my little one or take my teen out of school. I decided you guys were right, I didn't want him to miss school if he didn't absolutely need to. I just went once my other kids got home and were able to watch little one for a bit. Hubs got home around then too so went with me for support. By that time, mom had just been moved from the ER to her room.

I've been really pushing to get her evaluated by a geriatric psychiatrist there. In the past when she's been inpatient, I don't think she's seen a geri psych except once, but that time I think they just kept her on the meds she was on at the time, which unfortunately didn't help a lot. I'm not sure how thorough they were. I talked to them at length about her history and concerns about neuro/dementia issues, so hopefully we can get some answers and meds that help.

Mom was acting like it was a walk in the park. She asked me, "So what's going on? What have you been up to?" I was thinking, "Really??" but was trying to be kind and bite my tongue.

She told me she did this because she "just got upset". I asked her why and she said, "about stuff" but wouldn't talk about it. I told her to talk to her counselor or social worker or somebody to tell them what's wrong. She mentioned wanting to come home with me, and I told her that the manager at the facility where she lives said they are all praying for her and look forward to her coming home to her home there (she did, she is very sweet and really cares about the residents there).

Before I left, she said she did not want to go to a psych facility and wanted to know what would happen if she just walked out of there. She said she just wants to go back to her apartment. I told her since police and ambulance brought her in and she tried to hurt herself, she has to stay and get help.

It is very nervewracking. She has been tried on so many different psych meds, and it seems like she will get better for a bit, then get worse. I really hope they look more into the neuro issues.

I did tell her social worker that I was going to stay in touch with mom's doctors but that I wasn't going to be up there every day. Mom has done this so many times as a cry for attention, help, maybe both, I don't know, but I don't want to reinforce the behavior by being on call 24/7.

Frazzled, no wonder you are frazzled. I wouldn't take the youngster, nor take son out of school so you can check on Mom. Let the pros do their job, they will take care of mom.

Golden, thinking of you and hope all goes ok tomorrow. Snow melted already?

High temp records breaking here. Been in the low 90's this week. I would rather have snow.

fraz -hope you are Ok. Mother threatened suicide a few times, That's when we got the psychiatrists involved. It's pretty hairraising, Keep us updated.

cmag -I hope your house is OK.

glad - breakfast is always good.

waterfalls -welcome good advice

madge - boy they are annoying!!!

pam - shoulds like quite a shindig Good for you and hubs, Awesome food,

No snow today thankfully so the roads are bare but now both R and I have colds, so we are keeping contact to the minimum, and the visit to mother today is off. The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley!

Tomorrow we have to be in close quarters for a good part of the day, I hope both of us are better by then. Snow is forecast here again for the weekend but clear next week so I will be able to drive back safely.

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