The Caregiver & Dysfunctional Families: How are you doing?

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Send, tough situation. My in-laws believed it was my responsibility to keep them in the loop if their son didn't. It was my responsibility to work 40 hours, clean, cook, laundry, groceries and yard as well as as the kids. In addition it was my responsibility to see they had a relationship with their grandchildren by me running the them over to their house. At the same time, I was not to be a family member just their sons wife. I backed out completely and left it up to my hubs. If he failed to do these things it was my fault, yet it was my fault for everything they did not approve of. Lol! I had to protect my sanity and just back out complete because I would never be in their good graces. Best of luck to you , I'm on your side.
Thanks everyone for your support!
Another thing I like about this forum is that one can research backwards to find out facts, like it has been only 22 days since I got the cold/flu. It feels like 5 weeks! I am grateful to the paramedics for saving me the hardship of going to the E.R, being exposed and lined up along the wall to get no help.
I thought I was getting better, and I am.....But this morning coughing up caused me to vomit and I forgot to eat until 4 p.m.
A kiwi, an avocado, and honey oat bran muffin hit the Spot.
Maybe hubs will go with me tomorrow to Urgent Care, if I am not breathing better.
Boiling some lemons to add to tea.....I can do this!
I am beside myself. Not only did I inadvertently uninstall microsoft office, but that woman and her husband came to the door. I asked them to please leave us alone, and repeated myself several times, and they persisted talking, and asked if one of the boys had done something wrong. I said that she had taken my parcels and that was a federal offense, and I did not want people coming to my house shoveling snow without me requesting it. The answer was, "Oh, we are just being helpful." Again I said please leave us alone, and he said, "Then your husband does not want the job." So I answered that he did not want it, and, as I was shutting the door, he stood outside and told me to have my husband call them. They aren't taking no for an answer.Talk about not having any boundaries. This couple is the gold standard. Aaaargh! I think I am ready to move!

This was in the middle of me trying to remove one note from my computer, and I uninstalled microsoft office by mistake, and I can't reinstall it - keep getting a error code. I guess Open Office will have to do for now till I can get Office 365 reinstalled.

All this when I have that flu and a congested chest. Chicken soup is helping. Thank goodness something is.
Oh no, Golden. I am sure you are frustrated. Hope reinstalling 365 will be easy enough when you feel up to waiting on the phone for tech support to help out.

The woman doesn't understand that her help isn't helping, much less wanted. 
Send, how scary - throwing up from coughing? Yikes!
Golden, I missed something; didn't know you had the stupid flu, too... lots of us have it here, so I'll add you to the prayer list; already added Send....
Golden, Those people are rude, intrusive and scary. Be careful. Hope you get your program reinstalled, feel better and can avoid the nosy neighbors.
Thx Ali - I uninstalled avast and then the office install worked. Phew! Never have used tech support. I usually figure it out myself. Hope you are getting better from this bug - I am forcing fluids and using decongestant and feel better this evening.

mally - thx for prayers You might include no more visits from this couple as well.

send - hope you get better soon. My dd found that putting her head in the freezer stopped coughing. A girlfriend always pulled her dd's right arm up when she started to cough and it worked. If I were you I would stay as uninvolved with dh's mother as possible -not your circus

guest - that is awesome - you are staying out of the way and have got that message across to dh. Oh my, your in laws are a pair...

becky - you have good medical advice and have to trust the drs. I am now wishing I had not had my second eye done as the ghost images are not better. I understand about getting your teeth done. I had a friend who had some gum infections and was due to have a knee replacement. On her drs advice she got her teeth all pulled and got dentures before the surgery. Ex's cousin dd not fare as well.

glad - hope your friend's dog will be OK. Across the ravine from us people had small dogs disappear. They figured it was coyotes.

sharyn - you had a lot laid on you by dh's family. You did the right thing. I saw a coyote lying in the gutter across the street one summer evening. They get pretty accustomed to humans.

duck - all kinds of wild life when you are near the bush. Some of it is dangerous, but not most of it. I have had deer in my garden eating my cedars.

If I have missed anyone it is not intentional. I am somewhat rattled by today's events. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
thx becky - cross posted I find them way over the top, or under the bottom which ever way you want to look at it. Yes, they are to the point of being scary. They refuse to accept my boundaries. I hope they don't come to the house again. Sounds a bit like your cousins - not a good thing. Got Office installed again thankfully. Glad your center is running again. People don't get that doing the same thing gets the same results and you need to change you to change the situation. Sometimes it takes a while.
A lot of people are unable to listen to what people tell them. I thought for years I could make my Mom and brother love me. They told me a zillion times how little they thought of me. I thought if I pushed or did more I could change them. One day I realized not going to happen. I spent my time on changing my attitude and changing me and ultimately moved on emotionally and physically. Best thing I ever did. Cut my stress 1000%.

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