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I just felt the need to post a note today about being really happy. No problems today, Mama had an excellent night of sleep, as did I. We have had some precious time today laughing and talking. I have been singing to her and I love that when I am singing to her, she will just watch me so intently....sometimes she will get pieces of little phrases from the songs, mostly the old time gospel songs she used to sing, and we sing them together....I can't believe how she will come back to me every now and then and am so thankful....As tired as I get on some days, and as close as I feel like I am going to give up, it is these kind of days for which I live. Dear Lord I am so thankful for this day and especially for this chance to take care of Mama. We are so very blessed.

I pray everyone has a day full of blessings. Know we are never alone, even when we feel certain that we have been forgotten, we are never truly forgotten. And it is going to be OK....absolutely , OK.....


Ohh.. what a sweet post! I'm glad you had that special time with your mom.. and yes.. I need to be more greatful and thankfull for what I do have as well.
" Even a blind pig gets an acorn now and then" - Russian proverb.
Maybe so. For me, I am finding that life goes better for me when I am a little more proactive. I am finding I really need this time with Mama and so am going to look at it as a huge blessing. Who knows what the future holds, but for now, Mama has always been there for me, so I want to be here for her as long as I am able. I allowed some negative things to get to me for the past few weeks and most of them were things I was more in control of than I first thought, even, I suppose, the way I approached them...so I'm hanging in there....and sure am enjoying this day.....hoping everyone has a wonderful day.
You brightened my day with this touching post :) Life is easier when you smile.
I agree. :)
Truly you are blessed. This is what I call making lemonade out of lemons. Proactive is the best thing to be, but even at times that is hard to do. I try to turn it around sometimes with making two cones of sherbet or flowers from the garden.
Those are the things that always mattered most to Mama, and to me. We always enjoyed the tiny things the most...so those are the things that bring me back now. I am easing up on myself a bit. I had struggled with feeling like I had to be perfect. everything, all the time. All that did was wear me out and down. Now that I have lightened up, and am making a point to GET MORE SLEEP...it is helping me be in a better frame of mind to begin with....I know there will be trying days ahead...a lot of them...but this is so much better than the alternative...
Good for you, hope 22. Mom and I had a better one today. Yesterday she had her other cataract done, got thru it fine but back home again, she just would not keep that eye patch on for anything, made me very nervous. Made for a very long day and night last night; I gave up being such a witch about it and let her go without it (she sleeps like a corpse anyway on her back for the most part), and she wouldn't wear it back to the doc's this morning. She checked out fine; I told them the problem, doc said keep trying but don't get too stressed about it. Anyway, got back home, fixed a great lunch then both had a good lunch. We both passed out for a few hours but feel 100% better. Those early morning appointments kill me what with working second shift even from my home. So again, I thank God for getting us through it. I love it that she's snoozing again, ha-ha.
Oh, do I ever remember those early morning appointments...And of course, any of them wear you out, they seem to turn into all day long ordeals, even for an hour appointment..but anyone who carries a senior to a doctor's appointment who has had to get them ready, help them get into the vehilce, out of , into the building, etc. and on and on,,, knows how draining it is...for me it even wore me out fearing Mama would fall. now that we are on hospice, I guess those days are behind us...which makes me sad...I remember us coming home and we would get comfortable and like you said, get a really good nap....I keep being reminded that hospice now is NOT a testament to the end of life but more a way of helping bedfast folks be more comfortable at home and taht is what I tell myself...Mama has done really well the past few days and we are looking forward to her 90th birthday tomorrow!!! I finally finished a beautiful blanket I have been working on for her....I was so afraid I would not get it done but I did so now I am so excited....so glad to know you had a better day today...I love this website...it makes me feel so much less alone.... :)

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