I want to thank people on here for helping me.

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A while back I asked a question on here. I was so grateful and overwhelmed by the answers. People had obviously taken significant time out of their days to help me. They had also put incredible effort into the answers that they gave, and shared much kindness with me! Someone even sent me a hug personally. I tried to thank them in the thread, but I see that you can write to people directly to thank them.
1) Would you please teach me how to thank them personally?
2) Would you please teach me how to send a hug?


You will notice that each poster's name is highlighted in blue, you can click on their name to go to their profile page and leave them a message or a private message, but some people have disabled this function, so you can also click "give a hug" if you want to send them hugs.
Glad you found some help here!
Hi cwillie, Thank you for the information! Your name was listed in blue on my account, activity, area, so I was able to send you a hug!
If you don't mind me asking, I want to send more thank you's to others, but their names are not and my activity area, or in blue where they answered my questions. How do I send thank you's, or hugs, to them, please?
Go back and look for your original post. It will have all the reply posters listed with their replies.
Joanne, your profile is disabled as to answers, which means that someone can't click on your name and see what questions you asked or answered. However, I did a quick search. These appear to be questions you've asked. click on them to bring up your posts, and see who responded. Then take it from there following CWillie's and 97 YOM's suggestions.

Do you know how to get into your News Feed? There should be a box with your account and that option to the right of the screen, as well as threads you are Following or You have posted on in Activity. Or you should be able to get there if you click on My Account where you log in. From your News Feed you can click on the threads you are following, from there you can click on each individual poster. The names won't be highlighted until you hover your mouse over them.

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