Don't forget to tell your parents that you love them.

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This last couple of days..I have given everyone in my family the opportunity to say "I love you Mom" to mom..who is now in her last days of life. It's such a hard thing to do..and she might hear them or may not. But I don't want them regretting that chance. So with the phone up to her ear she listens to their words. I know it makes them cry...and that makes me cry. But I don't think they will regret not ever having that chance. So please...don't let it go with out saying.


What a beautiful Lady you are! You inspire me. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord our God, please comfort this young Lady and her Mom! I truely hope that I perform as well as msdaizy is, when my time comes to this point. Lord, I know you'll help her and her Mom, and I know you hear my prayer for help. I ask this in Jesus's Name. Amen.
I know you must feel so alone on this journey of losing your mom. I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you need a hug, and I'm going to keep this web page open all night.
What a beautiful opportunity you are providing to others. Bless you and know that you are in my thoughts as you journey through this. Hugs to you!!
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments..I don't feel alone at all. It's all of you who have encouraged me and helped me understand this horrible disease. I am so fortunate to have you all here with me. Mom is so peaceful..and I feel so blessed. I will update as I go..tomorrow we are taking her to the Hospice house for the best care anyone could ever ask for. You see I love her so much..but I don't want my youngest to be subjected to her time ending. I have such anxiety about how it might transpire. I already had this respite week scheduled and I feel like it's all His timing...I feel strongly that God planned this to happen. We already have things arranged and I will stay with her along with my sisters at the Hospice House. I'm taking my Ipad with me to keep you informed. Thank you all so very much for the prayers. God Bless you.
Unbelievable FAITH!
I hope you're ok msdaizy!
Thank you...I'm doing so much better. Last night was a pretty long hard night for me. second guessing my whole decision with keeping my 5 day Respite with the Hospice house. But as I was starting to reconsider...But HE reminded me that he planned's his will. So early this morning the medics came and scooped mom up and had her all settled in her room. When I arrived she had a smile on her face...I couldn't believe it. I took a picture of her with my Ipad (I would share it with you all if I could) It made me feel so relieved to know she is in the best care. So tonight my heart is not racing..and I am going to go to sleep with the monitor off and listening to the quietness. And my sister Sue is with her tonight staying in the room.
The respite is scheduled for 5 days..she is scheduled to come home on Thursday. But the nurses at the Hospice house says it might be Tues or Wednesday. I pray she is in the arms of Jesus sooner.
But to answer your question Loridtabbykat. "I'm OK!"
Update on Mom. She is resting but declining. They think it will just be a matter of days. Sister Sue is staying the duration..bless her soul. She won't leave mom. Says it's her turn and to give me a break. I'm feeling so much more at ease. Mom is good hands and when she wimpers just a little the nurses are promptly easing her pain. The heart ache comes and goes along with the soon as she is rest I will be too. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Please keep them coming as the next couple of days will be the hardest.
Relations 21:5
For behold I make ALL things NEW.

Our Father please comfort this family. I ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.

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