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Last week, we had to make the hard decision to move my Mom out of our home where she has been living with my husband and sons into a lovely Adult Family Home. I have a lot of confidence in the owner who runs this home. And of course, our convinction of this decision is tested daily by the barrage of phone calls that we can receive from my Mom. A couple days after this move, my sister and I were introduced to the Teepa Snow YouTube videos and I just have to say "WOW!". They are an eye opener - full of fantastic information presented in a great way that our whole family can relate to and understand. I wish I had seen these a year ago! Today I am going with my teen sons for our first visit since the move. And after watching Teepa's "Making the visit count" videos, I feel that not only can I survive this, but that we have tools to make the visit count for her and us. Yes, I am still scared of the outbursts and the accusations and tears, but I know in my heart that this was the right step for her, for my family and for my health. I just want to share the info of these videos to as many people as possible. Wish me luck!!


I just found out about these vids last week. You're right...they are very helpful. I've watched the first 6 and found them very informative. Now I need to remember how to use these techniques when needed instead of going back to old patterns. Luckily I will have a lot of opportunities to practice. Lol
I remember when I first found this site, posters kept mentioning Teepa Snow. I never bothered to check it out. Until a year later. Like you said, it was an eye opener. I tried also the book mentioned here so often - 36 hour something. I cannot even read it. I find that i learn more by watching Teepa's YouTubes.

I also found that by taking notes of each videos, I found over and over tidbits that I didn't notice.
Couple minutes ago it was the first time I watched a Teepa Snow video.... I viewed the one on driving and OMG I was doing everything wrong.... like telling Dad that if he caused a serious car accident the other driver could sue him for all he is worth and leave him and Mom with nothing left for their retirement. And while I was saying that, Dad probably was thinking he's never caused an accident in his life, so why would he now.... [sigh].

Thank you for introducing me to Teepa Snow, I will need to view her other videos.
I know that I also found out I was doing everything wrong as well. During our visits now, before I open my mouth I think hard about the videos and "what would Teepa say" and then try to reply in a more appropriate way. I think I am doing better (I hope) and it seems to be helping mom. Things like the hand hold and deep breaths are just fantastic simple techniques. Glad I could help a tad.
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