Technically Not BURNED OUT but frustrated and miffed!


As some of you know I am my mothers POA and pretty much the only 2 people she see's and talks to are myself and my husband.
My mom is still able to live in a tiny senior govt subsidized apt for now and it is small. Basically an efficiency with bathoom and tiny kitchen. This is more than enough space for mom but for months now she has been saying she wanted a twin bed. She said it was to hard to make her queen bed and that it was old and her back bothered her and so on. Anyway for weeks she would ask and I would have to put her off because we needed my husband to p/u a new bed and take away the old bed so we were at a stand still.
Well....last week end I accidentally came across a cute day bed (twin) at a great price and sweet talked the hubby into taking time out of his work, we purchased it, took it to her home, took apart the queen and leaned it against a wall because we wanted to donate the old bed and they were closed for the day and I also never trust my mom to stick to a decision. We told her we would be back this weekend and pick the old set up and finish out the rearranging.
Well true to my moms nature by Tuesday she has already decided she doesn't like or want the twin bed and wants her queen bed back. So now I need to get my husband to give up more time and put everythng back together. I also have to return 100.00 worth of bedding back to Walmart (thank goodness I hadn't given it to her yet) so there goes another day of a highly cherished weekend for us.
I don't really begrudge my mom the time I give but it really does burn me when we totally waste time and money!
On top of that when she is telling me she would like her queen bed back she says, WELL I WISH YOU HAD ASKED ME! LOL, she had bugged me about it for 2 months!
I just needed to vent a little. I will be fine.

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Thanks for all the kind responses and OrangeBlossum I am sure you are right. The reason we left the queen bed against the wall in the room in the first place is that we both had that niggling feeling and sure enough. On Saturday I took my sweetheart of a husband back with me and we changed her out again to the queen. We left the twin for the moment, but I plan on picking it up next weekend and getting it out of her way. We are going to take it to our place and store it for a while just to see if she again changes her mind. She does that with food too. She will insist I buy her something she see's in a commercial but once I buy it she either hates it or forgets she has it. Or I can say, did you like that new cereal? and she'll say, I don't know! It does get frustrating. Oddly it does help knowing that others go through this too and we survive! Keep smiling everyone.

There oughtta be a law. When the memory goes, it doesn't just go. It comes and goes. And we are never sure whether something is a whim, or if it's real.

Would she like a bed rail to help her get up?

How well I can relate! My uncle has done the same to me with TV sets. After the 2nd switch-a-roo with new TV purchases, I told him I was done, and he went without a TV for almost a year. Being that his VCR burnt out and he is legally blind anyway, it didn't much matter. I recently found a TV with a built-in VCR at a thrift shop for $80 and set that up for him. The VCR worked fine 2 times then started eating the tapes. A neighbor gave him an old VCR player and we hooked that up, but poor Uncle just cannot get the buttons right despite putting felt circles on the appropriate buttons and repeated instructions. Back to square one!

You realize that as soon as you remove the twin set, she is going to complain about the Queen set again? Maybe put the twin in storage for now,and just get your money back for the linens. You can always re-purchase those later on if she changes her mind again, which you can pretty much count on! Let her know that once the Queen is gone, it's gone!

Vent away tigerlily! My MIL's been harping on us to get her a new mattress because she claims the one she has now (which is excellent quality, less than 5 yrs old, has been flipped and turned regularly, and is just FINE) is "too soft along the edge" and she's afraid "one of these days" she's going to "slide off." Whenever she brings it up we just smile and nod.

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